Tee PVC Connector white - 25mm fits PVC pipe

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  • 25mm PVC Tee from Klever cages. Fits 25mm PVC plumbing pressure pipe with an OD of 33.40mm. Great for your next project , cat enclosure , garden protection , chicken coops , ball pits, change rooms, greenhouses, shade houses and more.
  • 25mm white PVC tee from Klever cages fits 25mm PVC plumbing pressure pipe
  • 25mm white PVC connector used with PVC pipe on a grass background
  • The pipe size for a 25mm PVC pipe is 33.40mm outside diametre to fit 25mm connectors from Klever Cages Australia
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 25mm PVC tee connector fitting

The 25mm white PVC tee provides support to any structure. 


  • Colour - White
  • UV stabilised
  • Material - PVC
  • Weight - 1 tee PVC
  • Opening measurement on the 25mm or 1” PVC tee connector 33.40mm 


  • Excellent quality UV stabilised
  • 25mm PVC connector fits standard 25mm plumbing pressure pipe with an OD of 33.40mm(not electrical conduit).

Pipe Recommendation: the outside diameter of the pipe to be used for a 25mm connector is 33.4mm. Using a 25mm PVC plumbing pressure pipe ensures that the connectors will fit perfectly.

Have a look at our 1 Metre 25mm premium white PVC pipe. This pipe is clean and has no writing. Perfect for when you want your PVC project to look good. You won’t get this standard of pipe in your local stores.

Connector Cam is a PVC pipe person built with connectors and pipe from Klever Cages. Cam is built with 25mm connectors including, elbows, crosses, snap tabs and more

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