Stainless Steel Knotted Netting -1.2m wide - BLACK

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  • 1.2m wide stainless steel threaded netting. Perfect for keeping out the possums and other pest from your tomatoes, herbs and vegtables
  • 1.2 meter wide stainless steel threaded netting from Klever Cages
  • Stainless steel threaded netting from Klever Cages prefect for your next project. Cat enclosure , garden protection and many more ideas.
  • Close up view of stainless steel threaded netting
  • Stainless steel netting perfect for a cat enclosure
  • Stainless steel threaded netting in use on a portable Klever Cages chicken coop /



Stainless steel threaded polyethylene netting with 19mm sqaure holes. 


The netting an advanced blend of netting and stainless steel. It maintains the many advantages of working with a netting product and ensures added strength and durability. 
This product is one of a kind and is added protection from animals external to the enclosure.  Also perfect for your enclosure for your cats , guinea pigs and rabbit . It is a must if you have possums and want to protect your garden.




The advantages of this is :


  • The strength of stainless steel at a netting price (8 strands of Netting & 1 Strand of Stainless Steel)
  • It is easy to work with and won't require any specialist tools
  • Just as unnoticeable as our 19mm polyethylene.
  • Heat treated joints so it won't unravel.
  • UV treated - so it won't deteriorate in the sun


Add this to your cart now for protection of your garden from the birds and other small animals.


The netting is 1.2 metres wide and cut to order at 1 metre lengths.



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