Snap Clamp Lite - 20mm 10cms long Black

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  • Black Snap Clamp lite 10cms long and fits 20mm PVC pipe from Klever Cages for building PVC projects
  • Side view of a 20mm snap clamp lite black from Klever Cages fits 20mm PVC pipe
  • PVC pipe size outside diametre needed to fit a black Snap Clamp lite from Klever Cages is 26.67mm
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This is the Black lite Snap Clamp 
What is a Snap clamp?

It is a clamp that will keep material on your PVC project tight, that fits over the pipe and material and snaps on.

Available from Klever Cages in 20mm - 50mm to fit PVC pipe.

Need to attach your shade cloth, thermal blanket, netting or fine mesh netting to your garden frame structure to protect your garden?

Want to make your own cross stitch frame?

Growing organic produce?

Want to make a children's cubby house?

We have the solution here!



  • No need to put holes in your material - If you are using a shadecloth or material for a kids cubby you don't want holes in the material as they will tear and get bigger.
  • You will not find anything else like this.
  • Keeps any material tight - This is important if you are making a garden enclosure to keep the wildlife safe and not get tangled. Just twist the snapclamp to make the netting tighter. Couldn't be easier. 
  • Snapclamps are easy to use. Just snap them on your pipe with the netting or material in the middle.
  • Rust & rot proof
  • Excellent quality

Examples of what can be built using snapclamps

  • Cat enclosure
  • Chicken tractor
  • Children's play tent 
  • Garden protection cage 
  • Frost protection
  • Fruit tree protection
  • Generator cover
  • Kids cubby house
  • Greenhouse

Childrens castle in classroom Arched roof shadehouse built with PVC connectors and pipe protecting pot plants on a shelf - Connectors and pipe from Klever Cages.  DIY cat enclosure / run built with PVC connectors and pipe. With hammocks and a hinged door for easy access. Parts from Klever Cages  Staffies haveing a rest on a dog bed buildt with PVC connectors, PVC plumbing pressure pipe and snapclamps from Klever Cages   Chicken tractor / run / coop built with PVC connectors and pipe from Klever Cages. Has a laying box, a hinged door for easy access and a skirt to deter foxes

 Pipe Recommendation: the outside diameter of the pipe to be used for a 20mm connector is 26.67mm. Using 20mm PVC plumbing pressure pipe ensures that the connectors will fit perfectly.( see our buying guide or blog for more information)

Tip : If you need black 3 way connectors and black PVC pipe we have those too

How to order

  • Add how many snapclamps you require in the quantity box and click add to cart  ( Snapclamps should be spaced about every 50cms more if you need it really secure and remember Grip clamps as above.
  • Double check you have ordered the correct size. 20mm Snapclamp fits 20mm plumbing pressure pipe.
  • Are you using PVC plumbing pressure pipe that has DN20 on the pipe 

Enjoy the video below 


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