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Free PVC plans

Have a look at our free PVC plans below

Plans include:

  • Dog agility jumps
  • Weave poles
  • Cat enclosure
  • Cat tower 
  • Mini greenhouse/shadehouse
  • Chicken Coops/runs

Some of these PVC projects are available in kits 




                           Dog Agility - Jumps ( 5 pages )

                         Dog agility Jump - PVC   Photo of Ben jumping over his new dog agility jump


                 Dog agility - weave poles  ( 3 Pages ) 

  Dog agility weave poles PVC from Klever Cages perfect for practice for your next show     pvc-waeve-poles-from-klever-cages-for-dog-agility-1.jpg  


Pet Enclosure ( Cats , Rabbits or Guinea Pig )   ( 8 pages )  

Make a Cat enclosure to keep you furbaby safe- Have a look at our free plans on www.klevercages.com.au         pet-cat-enclosure-.jpg

Cat Tower ( 7 pages )

PVC cat tower plan easy to make go to www.klevercages.com.au             side-view-of-a-pvc-cat-tower-from-klever-cages-1.jpg

Mini Greenhouse / Shadehouse ( 4 pages )


minigreenhouse-instructions-revb-page-001.jpg        mini-greenhouse-shadehouse-pvc.jpg


Premium Chicken Coop   ( 8 pages )

file-page1.jpg      premium-chicken-coop.jpg


                             Klever Cages Portable  Chicken Coop  ( 3 Pages )




                   Small Klever Cage kit  ( 6 pages )


                    Small free Klever Cage kit plan for garden protection. This is a small PVC kit protecting a garden from Bugs and other pests that want to eat it . It is made from PVC pipe and connectors.



 Have a look at our pictures page for further inspiration. Click here to view.