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Please have a look at our Klever Cages Plans below.

Below are some guides for your next project that can be modified however you need to suit.

If you can only see the first page download the file to your computer and open it from there.


                           Dog Agility - Jumps ( 5 pages )

                         Dog agility Jump - PVC   Photo of Ben jumping over his new dog agility jump


                 Dog agility - weave poles  ( 3 Pages ) 

  Dog agility weave poles PVC from Klever Cages perfect for practice for your next show     pvc-waeve-poles-from-klever-cages-for-dog-agility-1.jpg  


Pet Enclosure ( Cats , Rabbits or Guinea Pig )   ( 8 pages )  

Make a Cat enclosure to keep you furbaby safe- Have a look at our free plans on www.klevercages.com.au         pet-cat-enclosure-.jpg

Cat Tower ( 7 pages )

PVC cat tower plan easy to make go to www.klevercages.com.au             side-view-of-a-pvc-cat-tower-from-klever-cages-1.jpg

Mini Greenhouse / Shadehouse ( 4 pages )


minigreenhouse-instructions-revb-page-001.jpg        mini-greenhouse-shadehouse-pvc.jpg


Premium Chicken Coop   ( 8 pages )

file-page1.jpg      premium-chicken-coop.jpg


                             Klever Cages Portable  Chicken Coop  ( 3 Pages )




                   Small Klever Cage kit  ( 6 pages )


                    Small free Klever Cage kit plan for garden protection. This is a small PVC kit protecting a garden from Bugs and other pests that want to eat it . It is made from PVC pipe and connectors.



 Have a look at our pictures page for further inspiration. Click here to view.

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