PVC Dog agility jump cup 20mm for PVC pipe

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Dog agility jump cup
  • 20mm PVC dog agility jump cup from Klever Cages that clips onto 20mm PVC plumbing pressure pipe. This is used for you dog agility jump for your dog agility course.
  • Rounded 20mm dog agility PVC jump cup to connect to PVC pipe
  • Jump cup in use with PVC pipe resting on the cup for the dog agility jump from Klever Cages
  • Measurment of the outside of a PVC plumbing pressure pipe from Klever Cages is 26.67mm
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Need extra jump cups for your Klever Cages PVC dog agility jump kit or making your own jump for your dog agility course?
These jump cups to fit 20mm PVC plumbing pressure pipe (not electrical conduit) 
Simply clip these to a 20mm PVC pipe, rest the pipe on the cup and it's ready to use.
Pipe Recommendation: the outside diameter of the pipe to be used for a 20mm connector is 26.67mm.
Using 20mm PVC plumbing pressure pipe ensures that the connectors will fit perfectly.
They can also be used for bunny jumps. Have a look at the videos below.
Customers have used these 20mm Jump cups for
  • Dog agility jumps 
  • Rabbit jumps 

Why not watch our video below 


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