PVC connector Photos

3 Way connector to fit PVC pipe from Klever Cages essesntial for any PVC project, garden enclosures, cat enclosures and more
l-tee connector fitting to fit PVC pressure pipe from Klever Cages. Used to strengthen your PVC projects
Snspclamp to fit PVC plumbing pressure pipe for attaching material, netting, mesh or plastic for your PVC project - Klever Cages
PVC pipe from Klever Cages, white, clean, no writing, perfect for your next PVC project, including, puppy play gym, garden, enclosure, kids indoor, cubby or sensory table
PVC tee connector fitting from Klever Cages fits standard PVC plumbing pressure pipe. Perfect for building greenhouses, cat enclosures, chicken coops and more
PVC elbow connector from Klever Cages to build PVC projects including doors with hinges for PVC projects including pet enclosure, chicken coop, photography stands, green screens and more