Photography Light Box


Photography Light Box made from PVC connectors and pipe




Build an easy and inexpensive Photography Light Box.


Lightweight - easy to pick up and move around

Strong - PVC is flexible and strong

Easy to Build - Just push in the pieces, without the need for glue

Easy to Store - Pack it away when no longer required

Adaptable - Can change the size or configuration when required.

Affordable - Low cost solution 


The Light box can be made out of any size pipe depending on the lengths of the pipes needed (the longer the length the bigger the connectors).

Klever Cages has connectors available in 15mm - 50mm PVC Plumbing pressure pipe.

We also have nice clean non-marked PVC pipe available in 1m lengths in 20mm and 25mm 


What do I need to build a Photography Light box? 

  • 6 x 3 ways 
  • 2 x elbows 
  • 6 x snap clamps 
  • 11 x lengths of PVC pipe