Inexpensive portable cat enclosure

Easily design and build your own Catio for your Furbaby with Klever Connectors and PVC pipe.
Bobs 3 story outdoor cat enclosure. Built with PVC pipe and connector fittings from Klever Cages. Has hinged doors, shade and hammocks for comfort
Ginger cat on a lead sitting on a hammock in the sun while the cat enclosure is being built
Walk in cat enclosure with a hinged door and black PVC pipe and connector frame. A folding chair and some play equipment sitting on the green grass
2 cats in an outdoor cat enclosure with hinged door, cat netting and hammock for comfort. Build with PVC pipe and connectors from Klever Cages
Customer designed and built cat enclosures.

Benefits of building your cat enclosure with Klever Connectors and PVC pipe.
Lightweight - easy to pick up and move around. Strong - PVC is flexible and strong added with the 19mm netting this is perfect for any pet. Easy to build - Just push in the pieces, without the need for glue. Easy to Store - Pack it away when no longer required. Adaptable - Can change the size or configuration of the enclosure when needed. Attractive - Looks good in any backyard.  Affordable - Low cost solution for an enclosure for you cat , puppie , small dog , rabbit or guinea pig .

Free downloadable cat enclosure PVC project plans.
Free cat enclosure plans for download. Catio is made of PVC pipe and connectors from Klever Cages

Want to buy a ready made solution .
Small outdoor cat enclosure kit suitable for one cat built from PVC pipe, Klever connectors and cat netting from Klever Cages
Catio Outdoor cat enclosure kit suitable for 2 cats available from Klever Cages. Frame built from PVC pipe and Klever Connectors with cat netting attached with snap clamps

Klever cages 5 star review Excellent product Thankyou for your fantastic customer service and for getting my order to me so promptly Much appreciated