Heavy Duty Knotted Netting - 1.8m wide - WHITE (Length cut by metre)

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  • 1.8m wide white bird netting knotted with an Australian 50 cent coin to show the size comparison of the 19mm square holes
  • White knotted bird netting used for garden protection on PVC pressure pipe and connector frames
  • Blueberry bush in a terracotta pot being protected with white bird netting on a PVC pipe and 3 way elbow connectors from Klever cages
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Heavy Duty Knotted Netting - 1.8m wide - WHITE

Need strong white bird netting?

We have it 1.8m wide and cut to the length you require to cover your fruit trees and veggie gardens. Netting is the best way to manage pest control when it comes to your garden.


  • Width - 1.8 metres
  • Mesh size - 19mm x 19mm squares
  • Pre-stretched
  • UV treated 
  • Colour - white
  • Material - knotted high-density polyethylene 


  • Vege net white in colour is visible to wildlife to keep them safe while protecting your garden
  • Great netting to repel possums and prevent birds from getting to the food source
  • It will not come apart if it is ct as the netting has heat-treated joints
  • Peace of mind knowing that the netting will last in the Australian sun as the netting has been UV treated
  • You will not have a wastage of netting you have paid for and don’t need as you pay for only the amount you require.
  • Versatile - as can be used as an anti bird netting, a way to solve your possum problem, cat enclosure net and on jump wings for dog agility equipment. 

Where to use white heavy duty knotted netting from Klever Cages 

  • Cat enclosures
  • Net fruit trees
  • As a vege net to cut off access points for pests
  • The wings on dog agility winged jump
  • Pet enclosures

This is the best netting for your PVC projects. 

Tip - To keep the netting tight use Snap Clamps over the netting and twist

Come and have a look at our customer photos page for inspiration for your next PVC project.

How to order white netting

The quantity you put in the box will be the number of metres you order e.g. If you put a 2 in the box you will receive a piece of netting 2 metres long x 1.8 meters wide. 

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