Fishmouth PVC connector - 25mm insert & 32mm on fishmouth

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  • Side view of a 25mm PVC fishmouth connector from Klever Cages Australia
  • 25mm fishmouth PVC connector from Klever Cages
  • Picture of how to attach a fishmouth PVC connector to PVC pipe with a screw from Klever Cages.
PVC pipe insert is 25mm and on top of fishmouth is 32mm
  • Outside diameter of a PVC plumbing pressure pipe to fit Klever Cages 25mm PVC connectors is 33.40
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Looking for a fishmouth PVC connector?

We have it here!


  • UV stabilised
  • Fits standard 25mm PVC plumbing pressure pipe inserted in bottom
  • Standard 32mm PVC plumbing pressure on the fishmouth 
  • Material - PVC
  • Weight 30 grams
  • Opening measurement on connector is 33.40mm 


  • Easy to build with 
  • Excellent quality 
  • Rust & rot proof 
  • Tough
  • Unique 

Examples of what can be made with a fishmouth PVC connector


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Recommendation: the outside diameter of the PVC pipe to be used for inserting needs to be 33.40mm. ( see our buying guide or blog for more information)

Tip : add a screw in the bottom of the connector to keep the PVC pipe connected.

Using 25mm PVC plumbing pressure pipe in the bottom and 32mm in the fishmouth ensures that the connectors will fit perfectly. 

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