Fine mesh garden protection cover and PVC pipe frame kit - medium

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  • Side view of a fine mesh netting on a PVC pipe and Klever Connector frame protecting some mint and chilies from pests including birds and insects in a self watering pot from Bunnings, sitting on the grass.
  • Side view of a long self watering pot from Bunnings with trees and sunset in the background with a PVC pipe and 3 way connector fittings protective frame  attached with Snap Clamps from Klever Cages Australia
  • Herbs growing in a long self watering cream colour pot with PVC pipe and 3 way connectors frame with a fine mesh netting custom cover attached to the PVC pipe with snap clamps from Klever Cages
  • Herbs including mint thriving in a long cream self watering pot from Bunnings sitting on the grass protected from pests including insects and birds with the fine mesh netting supported by a 20mm PVC pipe and white PVC fittings from Klever Cages

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Need to cover your plants to protect them from pests?

Have a look at this fine mesh PVC pipe frame.


  • Fine mesh
  • Colour - white
  • 20mm PVC pipe & Klever Connectors 
  • Connector material -  ABS
  • Pipe material - PVC
  • Dimensions - 92cm x 52cm x 46cm


  • Keeps the smallest of pests from eating your garden
  • Light but durable
  • It's in a kit so ready to go 
  • Portable so you can put it wherever you need 
  • Can easily pack it away when finished 
  • Easily change the material depending on the season

The fine mesh PVC pipe garden frame kit is perfect to protect your garden from pests of all sorts. The frame is built with 20mm PVC pipe and Klever connectors made from ABS (same material as used in Lego, protective helmets and auto body parts) for extra strength in the corners. The cover is a white fine mesh custom made attached to the frame with white Snap Clamps to keep the material tight. The PVC pipe frame can also be used with different coverings like shade cloth, greenhouse plastic to make your self a cold frame, bird exclusion netting by taking off the snap clamps replacing the material and reattaching the snap clamps  and twisting them to keep the material tight. Pull it apart when no longer require pack it away ready for next season.

What is included in the kit

  • 4 x 3 way 20mm ABS connectors
  • Premium PVC white pipes cut to custom sizes
  • 10 x Snap Clamps 
  •  Custom fitted fine mesh white woven insect and bird exclusion cover 

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