Fine Mesh Garden Netting (white) - 3m wide Length (by the metre)

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High quality fine mesh to protect against bugs
  • Fine mesh netting to keep bugs and snails out of your garden - Klever Cages
  • Fine netting against a five cent piece.
  • Fine Mesh Garden Netting for keeps out small insects and cabbage moth.
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 Need quality fine mesh netting to protect your garden or crop from bugs?

Build a vegetable garden frame and attach this quality fine mesh netting to protect your valuable produce from bugs and other garden pests in your crop or garden to secure your food security.


  • UV treated
  • Colour - white
  • Material - polyethylene 
  • Mesh size 1mm
  • 3m wide
  • Weight 90gsm


    • High-quality mesh will not deteriorate quickly 
    • Can be used for multiple seasons 
    • Keeps out small insects to protect your crops and garden which in-turn will save you money 
    • Can be used on a permanent structure 
    • Wide netting and can be cut to the length you require 
    • Not only can it be used for bugs but is a great bird netting 

 Examples of where fine mesh netting can be used

  • Protecting your brassicas (cabbages, broccoli etc.) against the white moth)
  • Covering fruit trees as is a great fruit fly netting
  • Covering strawberries and other berries including raspberries 
  • Vegetable garden netting

How to order fine mesh netting 

  • Add the amount of linear meters you require to the quantity box e.g if you place a "2" in the quantity you will receive 2m x 3m of fine mesh 
  • Click add to cart 
  • Review your cart and make sure you have ordered everything you want e.g 3 ways, l-tees PVC connnectors, PVC pipe and so on
  • Click checkout 


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