Easy to build garden protection cages

Browse our range of photos that our customers have sent in of their different designs of garden protection PVC projects made from PVC connectors, PVC pipes & netting. Projects include covers for raised garden beds, greenhouses, vegetable garden netting frame, insect netting for vegetables, row covers, mini greenhouses, shadehouses, vertical gardens, garden fences and more. So if you are trying to deter pests such as fruitfly, cabbage moth, grasshoppers, snails & slugs, or animals including rabbits, chickens, possums, birds, bats, dogs and cats then look at the photos below for inspiration for your next PVC project. And don't forget to send in your pictures or videos of your PVC project to share.
Easy to build arched shadehouse frame covered with green shadecloth built with a PVC pipe and connector frame to protect pot plants from the harsh sun. PVC connectors used are 20mm l-tees, 3 ways, tees, slip tees and snapclamps from Klever Cages Australia
Arched shadehouse frame built with PVC pipe and connectors from Klever Cages. 20mm crosses, 3 ways, tees and snapclamps protecting pot plants with green shadecloth up against a fence
Diy arched greenhouse built with PVC connectors and pipe from Klever Cages. Protecting plants on a shelf from the harsh Australian sun.
Fine mesh garden netting with a PVC pipe and connector frame 20mm from Klever Cages protecting multiple raised garden beds with herbs and lettuce from pests
Raised garden beds covered with fine mesh netting on a PVC 3way connector and pipe frame from Klever Cages. Outdoor sink and corrugated iron sheets used as fencing around the garden patch
Raised garden bed with wood sleepers and corrugated iron base. Protected from pests such as birds, slugs, snails and bugs with fine mesh netting on a PVC frame with a door for easy access from Klever Cages
Mini arched raised bed greenhouse made with PVC connectors and pipe from Klever Cages to keep temperate conditions for the plants
Walk in white arched greenhouse frame covered with plastic, built with PVC connectors and pipe in the back corner of the backyard
Walk in Greenhouse frame in the process of being built in the backyard. Frame is made from PVC connectors 25mm tees, hinges, 3ways and slip tees from Klever Cages Australia
Garden Protection review- for a garden protection frame built from PVC connectors and pipe from Klever Cages, 5 star rating