Dog agility equipment, jumps, weave poles and more

Browse photos sent in below by customers of kits and their own designs of dog agility equipment using PVC connectors and pipes from Klever Cages. Build your own DIY Dog agility equipment for your own course including jumps, lollipops, weave poles, tunnel, see saw and spider grid. Jumps and weave poles available in kits 
DIY White dog agility spider grid Jump v bounce training-frame made with PVC connectors and pipe from Klever Cages. Built with 45 degree, elbow, 5 way, caps and 25mm PVC pipe.
Build your own diy dog agility jump equipment for your course with PVC connectors (jumpcups,l-tees & caps) and PVC pipe 20mm or 25mm
6 dog agility weave poles available in a kit for a agility course. White  PVC pipes caps and stakes from Klever Cages Australia
5 Dog agility flip adjustable cavalettis dog hurdles for strength and confidence training. These are made from 20mm PVC pipe, 5 way connectors and caps from Klever Cages
White DIY dog agility jump kit built from 20mm PVC pipe, adjustable safe jumpcups, caps and l-tee, connectors from Klever Cages Australia. In a backyard on brown pavers with a witches hat in the background.
diy dog agility equipment hoop made with pool cleaner hose cable ties pvc frame elbows tees and caps from Klever Cages Australia
collie dog in park on green grass with a Frisbee and weave poles built from pvc-connectors-and-pipe from Klever cages Australia
DIY affordable dog agility nadac hoops for your dog agility obstacle australia using pvc connectors and pipe
DIY winged jump to add to your dog agility equipment for your dog agility course using Klever connectors and PVC pipe from Klever Cages Australia
Dog agility equipment, weave poles from Klever Cages review 5 star rating
DIY dog agility seesaw or teeter tot for your dog agility course built with PVC pipe 25mm and Klever Connectors from Klever Cages Australia
DIY seesaw for your dog agility course using elbows, slip tees, slip crosses snap tabs and 3 ways from Klever Cages
DIY dog agility seesaw built with PVC connector fittings from Klever Cages Australia
dog scent wheel built with a six way connector, a 5 way and 25mm PVC  pipe from Klever Cages
Lady sitting on a dog agility pause table built with PVC cross, elbow connector fittings and PVC pipe from Klever Cages