DIY outdoor backyard/indoor cat enclosure

Browse the photos below sent in by Klever Cages customers of their awesome design and builds of cat enclosures . The cat enclosures/runs are built with connectors including 3 ways, l-tees, tees, slip tees, crosses, elbows, hinges in 20mm and 25mm, PVC pipe and netting from Klever Cages. Be inspired to build your own today whether it be from a kit or design and build it yourself. We also have cat beds and cat window seat photos.

multiple storey diy backyard cat enclosure with hammocks cover and hinged door for access
Easy to build diy cat enclosure kit made with PVC connectors and pipe from Klever Cages. Comes with easy to follow free plans and everything included to build the enclosure from Klever Cages including netting as in the picture. Safe, durable and cost effective
Klever Cages cat enclosure kit built from PVC connectors and pipe outdoors on the grass with Rocket inspecting it and also a dog in the background. Picture of the free PVC plans available to make the assembly of the Klever Cages cat enclosure kit easy to assemble.
Outdoor DIY cat enclosure built from PVC connectors and pipe from Klever Cages. The cat enclosure is next to the white wall shaded by some trees on the grass. It is equipped with a bed, food, water a walkway and some cat toys.
DIY customer designed and built cat enclosure with different levels covered with fake grass for the cat to rest on. Built with PVC connectors, 3 ways, elbows, tees, crosses and pvc pipe as the frame covered with chicken wire
Customer built walk-in cat enclosure built with PVC connectors, 3 ways, l-tees, tees, elbows and hinges for the door. Covered with cat netting and attached with snapclamps. A plastic playgym afoldable chair and a swinging hammock haging from the top. PVC connectors and pipe from Klever Cages
Ginger cat sitting in the middle of a half finished cat enclosure  kit from Klever Cages. Cat run on green grass built with white PVC connectors and pipe next to a grey shed in the backyard
White cat with dark tipped ears resting in a cool PVC frame covered with green shadecloth attached with snapclamps. Cat shade enclosure filled with pillows and blankets for comfort next to a white wall and hibiscus plants
Foster kittens in a cat enclosure with a hammock for resting, blankets, cat toys, a scratching post and food. Built from PVC connectors, PVC pipe and cat netting.
Catio outdoor cat enclosure kit build with Klever Connectors 3ways, l tees, hinges, bungee balls and  elbows
PVC pipe and connectors cat enclosure from Klever Cages Australia review 5 star rating
Small cat enclosure catio built with PVC pipes and Klever Connectors from Klever Cages Australia. This cat enclosure is outside on the grass infront of bamboo
Cat enclosure built with 3 enclosure kits from Klever Cages with 5 ways. With 2 x cat sitting on blue hammocks
Big cat enclosure built with PVC pipe, conectors and netting from Klever Cages Australia. Next to a fence with three cat hammocks
Build outdoor cat enclosures connected to hiouse like this one built with PVC pipe and connector fittings from Klever Cages
Cat bunk bed built with 3 way elbows, 4 way ltees, black PVC pipe 20mm and white PVC pressure pipe  from Klever Cages
Cat window hammock seat built with PVC pipes and connectors from Klever Cages
Suction cup cat widow seat with two cats looking out the widow on a clear sunny day