Customer PVC project photos

Want inspiration for your next PVC project. Browse awesome PVC project photos that our customers have shared. PVC pipes and connectors are easy to work with and anything can be built with them as you can see below from the photos.
4 photos of Garden protection frames  with netting and shadecloth protecting the gardens with a PVC and pipe frame from Klever Cages
DIY dog agility equipment including dog jumps, weave poles spider frames and more built with PVC connectors and pipe from Klever Cages
DIY chicken coop/tractors built by Klever Cages customers from PVC pipes and connectors
Klever Cages customer photos of cat enclosures designed and built by them from PVC fittings connectors and pipes
DIY custom design and build photography lightboxes, greenscreens, newborn stands and backdrops built with PVC fittings, connectors from Klever Cages
Build your own puppy cat play gym from 3way PVC connectors and PVC pipe from Klever Cages
DIY outdoor Christmas decorations built with PVC connectors and pipe from Klever Cages
Customer and staff safety sneeze screens, sneeze guards, asbestos containment enclosures and shop counter spacers all built with PVC pipe in different sizes  and Klever Connectors from Klever Cages
PVC projects for children and schools with PVC pipe and connector fittings from Klever cages , water play table, school subs, ball pit and kids play house
DIY quilting frames banner with pictures of quilting frames made with PVC pipe and connectors
Photos of camping, caravaning and beach PVC projects from Klever Cages customers