Cross Weave Netting (Bird Safe) - 6.5m wide White Length (by the metre)

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Victorian state compliant
  • White bird and hail exclusion netting that is compliant with the Victorian government state regulations for covering fruit trees. Mesh size less than 5mm
  • Example of Victorian state government compliant netting from Klever Cages with the white bird exclusion netting having a mesh size no greater than 5mm x 5mm at full stretch
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Looking for a Fruit tree netting that is compliant in Victoria? 

If you require a bird safe garden netting, look no further! This netting ticks all the boxes with what is required to cover your fruit trees in Victoria 


  • UV treated 
  • Mesh size - 10mm Primary Lines with Additional Cross Weaves (approx size 2-3mm)
  • Width - 6.5m 
  • Colour - White
  • Material - Polyethylene
  • Edging - 40mm reinforced
  • Shade - 25% 
  • GSM (Grams per Sq Metre): 70


  • Strong netting to keep birds and other wildlife out of your garden
  • Compliant with the fruit tree regulation from September 2021
  • Safe for wildlife ( make sure the netting is kept tight with something like Snap clamps 
  • Prestretched so you get the length you order 
  • We will cut to the length you require
  • Can also be used as a hail netting 

Tips for using the netting

It is essential when using netting to cover your household fruiting plants to keep your mesh tight.

This can be achieved by using PVC pipe and connectors as a frame and Snap clamps to keep the netting tight. 

Examples of where to use 

  • Covering fruit trees
  • Cover for your vegetable garden 
  • Covering strawberries and other berries (raspberries, blueberries and mulberries)

How to order

  • Add how many linear meters you need in the quantity box (This will give you a piece "quantity ordered" in meters x 6.5m)
  • Click add to cart 
  • Review your cart and make sure you have ordered everything you want, e.g. 3-ways, l-tees PVC connectors, PVC pipe and so on ( to make the frame for the netting)
  • Click checkout 
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