Cat / Small Dog Bed - PVC frame only (hammock separate)

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  • Small pet , cat , dog PVC frame from Klever Cages
  • Corner of a small dog / cat bed frame using PVC pipe, 3 way connector and a cap from Klever Cages
  • Side view of a small PVC frame for a small dog/cat bed from Klever Cages


PVC frame for a cat / small dog. Made from 20mm PVC pipe and connectors, this is a lightweight and strong solution. 

Just push it all together slide a hammock over, add your fur babies favourite blanket and it is ready. 
Great for travelling as you can just pull it apart and pack it up and when you get to your destination unpack and put it back together.

Hammocks are different colours just click here and pick the colour you want. 

Enjoy :)


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