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Connectors and Pipes 



What does the abbreviation "PN" stand for on PVC pipe?
It stands for "Pressure Nominal" (The higher number have thicker walls on PVC pipe)

What does the abbreviation "PVC" stand for?
It stands for "Polyvinyl Chloride"

What does the abbreviation "DN" stand for?
It stands for "Diameter Nominal"

What does the abbreviation "DWV" on PVC pipe stand for?
It stands for "Drain, Waste, Vent" (This pipe is not compatible with Klever Cages PVC connectors).


What PVC pipe do I buy for connectors I purchased from Klever Cages? 

The pipe is required to be AS 1477 Series 1, plumbing PVC pressure pipe.

I have listed the outside diameter of the PVC pipe to fit our connectors below :

20mm PVC pipe outside diameter = 26.67mm

25mm PVC pipe outside diameter = 33.40mm

32mm PVC pipe outside diameter = 42.10mm

40mm PVC pipe outside diameter = 48.26mm

50mm PVC pipe outside diameter = 60.32mm


An example of the text on a Holman brand PVC pipe purchased from Bunnings to fit Klever Cages PVC connectors

The above photo is an example of the writing on a Holman brand PVC pipe purchased from Bunnings to fit Klever Cages PVC connectors. 


Can I use electrical conduit with Klever Cages PVC connectors?

Unfortunately not, as the outside diameter is different from PVC plumbing pipe.


Can I use DWV PVC pipe with Klever Cages PVC connectors?

Unfortunately not as DWV pipe is drain, waste and vent pipe and Klever Cages PVC connectors only fit standard PVC plumbing pressure pipe.


Will my PVC project fly away in the wind?

We do get this comment on our social media pages. The structures for the gardens are usually about 1-2 metres high and covered with netting. There is usually not enough surface area for this to happen. If you do have concerns about the wind in your area you can do some different things to make sure your PVC project stays where it is supposed to 

  • Use anchor pegs into the ground
  • Screw into the pipe and a surface to attach your structure to something solid 
  • Use able ties to hold down the structure
  • Fill the bottom pipes with sand to weigh the structure down.

As long as you are using Klever Connectors then your PVC project will stay together as they are designed with building frames indoors and out.


Why are Klever Connectors different from other PVC connectors on the market.

We take pride in our connectors and even though there may be other Connectors on the market that may look the same we have a few differences that make our connectors the one to buy.

  • Not all of our connectors are made from PVC - some are made with ABS, Nylon and polycarbonate. They have been designed for their individual proposes and therefore we use the best material for that connector to make them stronger and better for the use they are intended for.
  • Thick walls - Due to our connectors being used for building the forces being put on these connectors are different to a plumbing connector or others on the market. We have made sure the walls of a Klever Connector are thick so they will not snap when a load is put on them.
  • UV treated - Our connectors are UV treated so they contain Titanium Dioxide so they will last in our outdoor conditions( some of the harshest in the world)
  • Long openings- The opening where the PVC pipe is inserted is long so that it supports the pipe for the structure. If they are shorter then there is a chance that the pipe may slip out. We make sure our connectors have all the support they need to hold in the pipes so that you know your structure will be secure in any condition.
  • Large "lip" for the PVC pipe to fit on - This is important as the pipe needs a good base for it to sit on so it is secure to keep the integrity of your project.
  • Large range of Connectors - We have made sure that we have a full range of connectors so that you may find the solution to any issue with the right connector. We do not believe in just making what we think may be the best selling just to make a profit. It is about the solution. 
  • Klever Cages is not a plumbing connector company/manufacture - Our Klever Connectors are designed with building in mind we do not supply plumbing connectors and make connectors for building as well. Klever Cages is dedicated to supplying the best connectors for building projects and there we do not supply connectors for plumbing or other uses. 


What are the different bases that are used to make a Klever Connector

Klever Cages uses different ingredients for different for different connectors depending on the use of that connector. Below are the materials used for different connectors- 

PVC, Polyvinyl Chloride - PVC is non toxic, durable and lightweight. PVC is used for different applications including plumbing pipes, gutters, garage doors, fencing and other construction applications.

ABS, Acrylonitrile butadiene stryene - ABS has a strong impact resistance, isn't affected by heat as much as other plastics and good scratch resistance. ABS is used for products including lego, bumper bars, protective headgear, white water canoes and luggage& protective cases. The reason why ABS is used in some the the above applications is it's impact resistance.

Nylon, Nylon has excellent abrasion resistance, very strong and a high heat resistance. Nylon is used to make toothbrushes, luggage, fasteners and cooking items including tongs & spatulas.

Polycarbonate,  Polycarbonate has a very high impact resistance, can be used for clear products and looks clean over time. This is used to make products including shatterproof windows, lightweight protective helmets, car headlight lenses, face shields and appliances due to its shatterproof capabilities. 


Why not just use plumbing PVC connectors to make my PVC projects.

 Plumbing PVC connectors were designed with plumbing in mind. The job of a plumbing PVC connector is to carry water and they is normally underground. They have a thinner wall and shorter openings as they are supported by the ground they are in or the pies around them. The forces being placed on Plumbing connectors are different to the forces being put on a garden enclosure. Klever Connectors are specifically designed with the intention that they will be used for building and not carrying water. 


Where can I buy the PVC pipe to fit Klever Cages connectors?

Klever Cages sells 1m lengths 20mm and 25mm clean PVC pipe on our website (no writing or markings)   

PVC pressure pipe (plumbing) is also available from major hardware and plumbing stores.


Why does my pipe not fit the connectors I have purchased from Klever Cages?

There can be confusion about the sizing of the pipe used to build with Klever connectors.

Hopefully, I can assist with clearing this up below:


The size (DN number) written on PVC plumbing pressure pipe is the "nominal bore size diameter", not the inside or the  outside diameter. 

PVC pipe marked DN20 (20mm PVC plumbing pressure pipe) PN12 - (Wall thickness 

    • Outside diameter 26.67mm
    • Inside diameter 23.7mm
    • Wall thickness 1.5mm 

As you can see in the above example none of these measurements are 20mm. The 20mm is a nominal size given to the pipe.

Can I send your PVC connectors back because they are the wrong size.

If you want to send the connector back because you believe we have sent you the wrong size please contact us first.

As per the information above it may actually not be the incorrect size and just the wrong pipe has been used. 

When we receive any connectors that have been sent back as long as they are in good condition we will refund the product amount only. 

Please make sure the order number is in the bag so we can identify the order we need to refund.


Can I use PVC connectors to repair my tent, greenhouse or a kids tent?

To all of the above questions if you have not made the structure yourself from Klever connectors and PVC plumbing pressure pipe the answer will be a "no". The reason for this is most of the structures mentioned above come in a kit and use their own size pipes. Our pipes are more general and use PVC plumbing pressure pipe which has a different outside diameter to that of your kit.



What is the maximum span for my PVC pipe when constructing my project?

We recommend the below lengths for the different size pipes.


  • 20mm pipe no more than 1m
  • 25mm pipe no more than 1.5m


Then from there, it is about half a meter each size up.  It also depends on what you are using the structure for, but without load, the above is correct.

If you would like to go longer than this, you can use tee pieces or L-tees to give the structure some reinforcement.


Will my project last in the Australian sun.

Both the connectors and the pipes that we sell are UV stabilised. We have the pipes made custom for us, and they contain  (Titanium Dioxide)  about 1.5 PPHR so they will last outdoors in our conditions. 


Do your PVC pipes contain lead? 

There is no lead in the stabiliser.

We use Calcium Zinc stabiliser (CaZn). 


What do I do if I require a part that I cannot see on your website?

If you cannot see a part that you require to finish your project, please send us an email, and we can see what we can do.


Designing your PVC project 


When designing your project, Klever Cages has supplied some resources that will make the process easier. We have listed them below. 

  • Photos of PVC projects sent in by our awesome customers. Click here to see them 
  • Free Plans to give you an idea of how PVC projects assembled. Click here to see free plans.
  • Video on the different PVC connectors we supply, how to use them, tutorials and customer photos Click here to see Klever Cages videos.
  • We also have a video on our YouTube page " How to plan your Garden cage" which will take you through the design process for a basic garden frame to protect your garden. Click here to see that video. While you are there, please subscribe to our YouTube channel to be sent the latest videos from us.




How to place an order for PVC connectors? 

All payments to Klever Cages are online through our secure cart. We use PaypalAfterpay and Eway for our payments and Geo Trust for our server security.




How do I pay by credit card?

You can pay by credit card by using Paypal and Eway.

The requirements for both are listed below. 

Eway - do not need to be a registered member 

Paypal - requires to be a registered member of Paypal


What is Eway?

EWAY is an Australian based and owned payment gateway.  EWAY is an Australian alternative to PayPal.  Using EWAY customers can process their payments in real-time.


What is Paypal? 

PayPal is an American worldwide online payments system. Online money transfers serve as electronic alternatives to traditional paper methods like checks and money orders. PayPal is one of the world's largest internet payment companies.


What is Afterpay?

Afterpay allows you to shop now and pay later for orders over $100. Only available in Australia. 


What is a pre-order? 

A pre-order is where a product is currently out of stock. We have ordered more and will be back in stock soon. You can tell the product is on pre-order as there is a "pre-order now" button instead of a "add to cart" button. If we have added an expected date, then this will show above the price. Once you have placed a pre-order, you will not need to do anything else. As soon as we receive the supply of the product, we will post it straight out. 


Text containing content of a preorder for a PVC connector from Klever Cages


Postage Domestic 


Postage Costs 

We have a flat rate Australia wide, and if you need it that bit quicker, we also offer Express Post. 

Price calculation for Express Post cost is by location and weight.  

The cost for flat rate postage is below  

  • 0-1 kg $9
  • 1-3 kg $14
  • 3-5 kg $19
  • 5-7 kg $24
  • 7-9 kg $30


Delivery times

Parcels sent via Australia Post, and we aim to dispatch parcels within 24 hours of purchase (business days)

Generally, estimated delivery times for standard post is: 

  • South East Queensland 3 business days
  • Rest of Queensland 4-5 business days
  • Sydney 4 business days
  • Melbourne 5 business days
  • Other Capital Cities 6-7 business days
  • Country Areas Varies 4-6+ business days
  • Western Australia 7+ business days
  • International Orders, please allow at least 3-4 weeks depending on your location.


Please note these are just a guide only. There may be unexpected transit delays also, particularly during peak periods, seasonal holiday times and public holidays, so it is best to allow a little longer than these estimated delivery times.


Our default for parcels is "Authority to leave can be requested by receiver". If you would like "Authority to leave" please put a note on order and where you want it left on the property.  


Can we pickup our orders? 

No. We are an online store and do not have a "storefront". We do this to keep the costs down and pass the savings onto you. 



Shipping, Returns & Privacy Policy 

Click on this link to see our full shipping, returns & privacy policy





 We now offer international postage.

Postage is calculated by weight, size and location through Australia post.

Please note: The postage price does not include import duties and taxes. These charges are the buyer's responsibility. Please check with your country's customs office to determine what these additional costs will be before purchasing.