Build your own chicken coop

You can build an easy, inexpensive and robust Chicken Coop for happy, healthy chickens. Lightweight - easy to pick up and move around. Strong - PVC is flexible and strong. Easy to Build - Push in the PVC pipes, without the need for glue. Easy to Store - Pack it away when no longer required. Adaptable - Can change the size or configuration of the coop when needed. Add a skirt at the bottom to keep out foxes. Attractive - Looks good in any yard.  Affordable - Low-cost solution for a chicken coop. Best of all your lawn gets mowed and fertilised while you have eggs for breakfast :)

DIY custom designed and built by our customers.
Chicken coop tractor covered with netting to protect chicken. Built with Klever Connectors and PVC  pipe from Klever Cages
3 chickens inside a chciken tractor being protected while eating grass
Walk in chicken coop large built with Klever Connectors and PVC pipe from Klever Cages Australia
Vhicken coop extension so they can walk about built from 3 ways, l tees and tee Klever Connectors from Klever Cages Australia

Klever Cages 5 star review Claire C Just what I needed. Built my new chicken run in around 30mins. These connectors are very easy to use. On 4 Way L tee PVC connector - 25mm