Why have a cat enclosure for your little friend

Cat in cat enclosure

 A cat enclosure is a great way to keep your little friend safe from: 

  • people 
  • poisons
  • other cats 
  • councils 
  • ticks
  • dogs 
  • wildlife

It will give them their own space and is a great way to get them out of the house in the fresh air and sun (you can also put a cover on for shade as well) while knowing that they will be ok. In Australia we have beautiful weather that we enjoy so why not let your best friend enjoy it too.  Add some water, their favourite blankey and toys so they feel at home. Cats will benefit from being outside with their toys simulating them mentally and keeping down their anxiety.

You may have some questions like:

  • Is it mean to put your friend in an enclosure?
  • How many cats can go in an enclosure?
  • How big should an enclosure be? 

It is not mean at all it is giving them what they need in a controlled environment where they are stimulated and safe.

To get started all you need is a frame and netting. From there you will want a door for access and somewhere comfortable for them to sleep - you know best what your little friend likes.

For a basic enclosure something 2 metres long, 1 metre wide and a metre tall will suit one or two cats and a few more  kittens.

We have many customer photos sent to us of cat enclosures and more made from PVC connectors and pipe http://www.klevercages.com.au/pictures-1/

Have a look at cat enclosure kits http://www.klevercages.com.au/klever-cage-kits/  or just design and make your own from the many pieces we have from 15mm to 50mm. 

20th Sep 2017

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