Why have a cat enclosure for your little friend?

Why have a cat enclosure for your little friend?

Why have an outdoor cat enclosure (Catio) for your Furbaby?

Read below as there are some great reasons why to have an outdoor enclosure for your cat.

Cat in cat enclosure

A cat enclosure is a great way to keep your little friend safe and secure. The dangers for a cat roaming the neighbourhood can be :

  • People - neighbours or people that are not fond of cats
  • Poisons - Cats need to be careful of garden insecticides, rat & mouse poison and there are a few plants that will make them sick such as tulips, daffodils, lilies and azaleas.
  • Other cats - They can get into fights with other cats which can lead to serious cuts, bites infections and transmission of diseases
  • Councils - greater restrictions are being put on cats by Australian local councils in an effort to protect wildlife and nature.
  • Ticks and fleas - here in Australia we have some nasty ticks that can be life-threatening. I have seen the effects of paralysis tick first hand and it is heartbreaking.
  • Dogs - Dog are very territorial and if a cat steps into the wrong backyard it may not be a good outcome
  • Wildlife - Cats can be injured by our wildlife including snakes but also they can do a lot of damage to our precious unique fauna as they are skilled predators.

Being a cat owner we want our cats to have a full life. This includes having some time outdoors. An outdoor cat enclosure will give them their own space and is a great way to get your cat out of the house in the fresh air and sun (you can also put a cover on for shade as well) giving you peace of mind knowing that they will be ok.

In Australia, we have beautiful weather that we enjoy so why not let your best friend enjoy it too. Add some water, their favourite blanket, toys, a scratching post, cat tree or a cat tunnel so they feel at home while benefiting mentally and keeping down their anxiety. We all get cabin fever :)

You may have some questions like:

  • Is it mean to put your friend in an enclosure?
  • Will my cat get bored?
  • How many cats should I have in an enclosure?
  • Can I have a cat enclosure with a rental property?
  • How to build a cat enclosure?

Is it mean to put your friend in an enclosure?

It is not mean at all. It gives them what they need in a controlled environment where they are stimulated and safe. It gives an indoor cat a better quality of life.

Will my cat get bored?

Cats are naturally inquisitive and cats love nothing more than playing (oh and sleeping). They will keep themselves amused with their surroundings outside with the different noises and movements of trees blowing in the wind and birds flying past. You can also put some of their toys like a cat tunnel in their cat house, keeping them amused.

How many cats should I have in an enclosure?

It is recommended by the NSW cat protection society that each cat requires a metre to themselves.

So at a minimum, it should be 1m high x 1m wide and 1m long. So for 2 cats that can be 1m x 1m x 2m We all like more space than we have so make it as big as you can for your cat to enjoy the outdoors and so they don't think of it as a cat cage.

Title Example of the minimum size required for outdoor cat enclosures, pictures of 2 cat enclosures one for 1 cat and 1 for 2 cats

Can I have a cat enclosure with a rental property?

Having a cat enclosure shows your landlord that you are a responsible pet owner increasing your chances of having pets included in your lease agreement. If you do move to a different property it can sometimes be hard for the cat as they are not in familiar surroundings. Having an enclosure that is easy to assemble and easy to move will give your cat familiar surroundings and make them feel safe and secure.

How to build a cat enclosure?

To build a cat enclosure from scratch you don't need a skilled handyman. You can do it yourself. To get started on a DIY cat enclosure all you need is a frame and netting. From there you will want a door for access, somewhere comfortable for them to sleep like a cat hammock and a sheltered area. You know best what your little friend likes.

Making your enclosures and cat runs from PVC pipe and connectors and, not metal or wood will ensure:

  • It will not rust or rot
  • Will not absorb odour
  • Is cool to the touch
  • Light but still having the strength
  • Protected from UV rays
  • Does not require glue or nails to hold it together
  • Easy to wipe down to protect against germs
  • Easy material to work with no specialist tools required

Have a look at the photos of cat enclosures designed and built by our customers. We have an extensive range of quality products for you to build your cat enclosure. The catnet options including heavy-duty netting, stainless steel threaded netting and heavy-duty mesh which has fine holes like flyscreen but 20 times the strength.

If you don't want to design and build your own then you can order a cat enclosure kit through us with easy to follow instructions. We also have PVC plans available for free download to give you some inspiration. If you have any questions you can send us an email or give us a call as we pride ourselves on great customer service.

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Why have an outdoor cat enclosure?

Why have an outdoor cat enclosure? That is a great question and will be answered in this video in an interview with Nerida from theCat Protection Society of ...
Why have an outdoor cat enclosure?

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