Save hundreds of dollars by easily building your own DIY custom greenhouse or cold frame.

Save hundreds of dollars by easily building your own DIY custom greenhouse or cold frame.

Don't want to spend thousands of dollars on a greenhouse that is hard to build and expensive?

Of course, you don't. 

You have just bought your Bunnings plants and shouldn't have to pay the earth to help them thrive. Design and build it yourself to your requirements. Build it as big (greenhouse) or small (cold frame) as you want. Don't have the size dictated to you - add or remove elements of the greenhouse when you want.

We will discuss below:.

  • What is a greenhouse?
  • What is a cold frame?
  • What covering do I use for my greenhouse?
  • How to design and build a greenhouse or cold frame to your requirements
What is a greenhouse?

A greenhouse is a structure with a plastic or glass covering. They are designed to protect out of season plants in a more controlled environment. 

What is a cold frame?

A cold frame is a transparent roof enclosure built low to the ground, essentially a smaller greenhouse.

Which covering do I use for my greenhouse?

Points to consider when deciding which covering to use are:

  • Cost
  • Durability
  • Maintenance
  • Retention of heat
  • Transmission level of active radiation (plants respond to different amounts of sun, shade vs full sun)

Types of materials that are available are:

  • Glass – traditionally used for greenhouses, it has a high level of difficulty for installation but low maintenance costs
  • Plastic films – most commonly used in Australia as is cost-effective and easy to install (there are different films with different advantages).
  • UV resistant greenhouse plastic sheeting (polycarbonate), acrylic (polymethyl methacrylate) and fibreglass (not as popular in Australia).

How to design and build a greenhouse or cold frame to your requirements

Designing and building from PVC connectors and pipe is the obvious choice because they are:

Easy to build with-

cut your pipe to the required length (this means you can have the size of the greenhouse that you require) slide it in the connectors to make a frame and use screws or snap tabs to attach your plastic sheets or glass to the structure and snap clamps to attach the plastic film. PVC is also lightweight while still being strong enough for building structures.


the connectors and pipe from Klever Cages are UV treated so they will last and will not crack. The connectors are purpose-built for building structures (unlike plumbing fittings that are designed to be placed in the ground with the sand as support around them). You want the greenhouse or cold frame to last many seasons.

Customisable – 

you can design and build the structure to any size or shape you want! If your requirements change at a later date, you can modify it by pulling the pipe out of the connectors and redesigning it with new pieces. The plastic film can also be changed easily to a shade cloth or bird exclusion netting by taking off the snap clamps and replacing the material with a different one.

Corrosion proof – 

PVC will not rust or rot like metal or wood. The material is non-porous, so will not absorb moisture or odours.

Versatile - 

you can disassemble your project and pack it away or take it with you when you move - great for rental properties!

Cost effective – 

as you design and build it yourself, you control how much you spend. You do not need to hire anyone to build it, nor do you need to invest in expensive tools to put it together. Basic tools and accessories like screws, nails and glue can be used to reinforce the structure if you choose to. 


PVC pipes and connectors partnered with the covering of your choice is a great way to create a good looking structure to protect your precious plants and help them thrive.

Klever Cages is a proud Australian business that uses Australian suppliers and have connectors that are made in Australia.

Come and have a look at our website for our full range of PVC connectors, pipe and netting.

For a walk-in greenhouse 32mm connectors and pipes are commonly used and 20mm or 25mm for smaller greenhouses or cold frames.

We also have resources to assist you with your project, including customer photosfree plans and videos.

See below for:

Customer photos

DIY Easy to design and assemble PVC frame arched greenhouse. Coldframe built with PVC connectors and pipe from Klever Cages Mini greenhouse with glass covering supported by a PVC connector and pipe frame from Klever Cages

PVC connectors

 3 way PVC connectors from Klever Cages for building structures such as protection for your garden shadehouses and greenhouses PVC l-tee connector for building shelves and extra support on your project. Aluminium hinge for a door on a PVC project Snapclamp from Klever Cages to attach material to your PVC project


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