Vertical garden protection from bugs and other pests.

Vertical garden protection from bugs and other pests.

With all the effort and care that goes into keeping your garden looking good and keeping it healthy, it is important to be able to protect it from pests that may cause harm to your plants. Pests in the garden can uproot plants, damage fruit growing on them, or eat plants entirely. Finding a solution that does not harm animals or pests trying to get in, and finding a solution that does not use chemicals is important, especially when the plants you want to protect are edibles. Klever Cages are the perfect choice for anyone looking to protect their garden from pests, and at the same time looking for a solution that will not harm any animals that try to get into your garden.

Klever Cages are built using PVC parts and are easy to assemble, and best of all, can be built to fit any size of garden that you can think of. The lightweight materials allow you to make frames perfect for hanging gardens, container gardens, flowerbeds, or any other garden you have. The PVC connectors hold in place the larger PVC pipes, and can be built to any specification. Once the frame is built, you can attach any material you like to the outside to protect your garden, depending on what types of pests you are looking to keep out.

Dependent on what it is you are looking to keep out, more durable materials, like chicken wire, can be attached to the frame to keep out larger pests like possums. For smaller pests, like insects, mesh or fine screens can be easily attached to the frame. Keeping these pests from gaining access to your garden will ensure that you are able to keep your plants happy and healthy, and will not need to use any chemicals on them to protect them. The frames you make can be built to fit any size space, and even come in premade kits too if you know what dimensions you need to cover. Klever Cages can be hung from the wall to protect hanging gardens from pests, or can be placed on the ground, over a space, to protect it. Building this style of garden protection is a responsible way to protect your garden, and in turn, protect animals trying to get in without hurting them.

One of our customers who was having trouble with pests eating his garden, created a frame to fit the exact specifications he needed. He wrote to us telling us about his problem and the solution he created:


I originally setup a hanging herb and flower garden on a screen at home as per 1st photo.

The next day I noticed the garden had been attacked as per 2nd photo.

And the next day even more had been eaten as per 3rd photo.

Bloody possums…

So I got the PVC kit from your company and made the frame as per 4th photo.

And then added the chicken wire and its been a week now with no possum attacks.

Thanks for the kit.



Searching for the right solution that fits your gardens pest control needs can be hard, especially with so many products on the market that are built to specific space requirements. With Klever Cages, you can build your frame to any size, any dimension, and to any specification depending on the pest you are looking to protect your garden from. The lightweight PVC connectors and frame pieces that you construct with, allow for any material to be attached to them easily, from heavier materials like chicken wire, to finer mesh for small insects. Klever Cages allow you to protect your garden without using any chemical sprays, which is important especially if you are protecting fruits and vegetables, and are a safe way to keep pests and animals back without any harm.

Aug 04, 2020

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