Why not try verge gardening to produce some extra food

On the Verge of a Great Idea

Verge gardens, also called footpath gardens, is a great use of otherwise wasted space along the footpath that run parallel to this section of Australia’s roadways. Homeowners who have property that border footpaths can now plant certain types of plants which have been approved by the Brisbane City Council. It’s an exciting time for gardeners and the outlook is good for other cities in Australia which also hope to have verge gardening approved.

Verge Gardening Benefits

Gardens planted in front of homes along the footpaths promote a sense of community to the residents. A common bond is established as residents emerge from inside their homes to tend to their verge gardens and interact with their neighbours.

The beauty of neighbourhood verge gardens prompt residents to walk along the footpaths and admire what their neighbours are growing. The increased walking and exercise of tending a verge garden benefits the health and well-being of residents. Growing healthy, fresh, edible greens and herbs will also promote a healthier diet for residents and promote a better quality of life.

The increased residential outdoor activity will also deter potential burglars and alert residents to any problem neighbourhood homeowner may be experiencing. If anything seems out of the ordinary at a neighbourhood home, a quick phone call to the homeowner may prevent a disaster.

The curb appeal provided by verge gardens will also increase the value of the property and resale price.

Plant Suggestions

The Brisbane City Council has provided a list of plant suggestions for homeowners who wish to start verge gardening on their property.

Low-growing plants that do not impede the vision of motorists or steps of pedestrians is essential, so is consistent maintenance that will keep the garden plants thriving and appealing to the eye at all times. Plants that are drought-tolerant are also advised since irrigation systems are not permitted in the verge gardens.

Edible plants include dill, rosemary, parsley, mint and lavender. In addition to being edible and looking good, these herb plants add fragrance to the air.

Ground covers include star jasmine, rabbits foot, silver artemisia, cats’ tail, blue flax and pigface. Several shrubs are also included in the permitted plant list.

City Council Rights

The Brisbane City Council reserves the right to require changes to be made to or the removal a verge garden that does not meet their guidelines. Click here to view full set of plant suggestions and guidelines.


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