Make your own dog toys - Puppy play box

Make your own dog toys - Puppy play box

Easily build at your DIY puppy play gym

Cute puppies having a sleep after playing on their PVC pipe and connectors puppy play cube

Bringing a puppy home is a great and exciting time - they are a little bundle of fur full of energy. There is nothing like seeing them grow and the experiences you will have together to remember forever.

Keeping a puppy amused can be a challenge. The amount of energy they have can be fun and overwhelming simultaneously, so you will have to think of ways to fill their time.

Puppy play is an important part of their development. Puppies need stimulation mentally and physically. This can include physical exercise such as walking, play hide and seek, play tug of war, and obstacle courses.

When your puppy comes up to you and does a play bow asking to play their favourite game just one more time, and you just don’t have the energy they will need to learn to have puppy playtime by themselves for a while.

Ever left a bored puppy by themselves for a while? See what happens! Just YouTube bored puppies to see the mischief they can get up to.

One toy you can make to keep your fur-baby amused is a "Puppy Gym" or "Puppy Play Box".

This can be made easily from PVC pipe and connectors, and it will introduce them to new sights and sounds.

To build a puppy play gym DIY with PVC pipe and connectors you will need.

Tip: What size connectors and pipe you use does depend on the size of the dog. For the one we are making today, we will use 20mm.

8 x 3 way elbow connector fittings - whiteclearcoloured or glow in the dark

PVC pipe x 12 - We supply black or white PVC pipe and cut cut the pipes to the length you require.

Reusable cable ties

Plastic chain

Slip tees and slip crosses - if you want spinning bars and objects.

Snap clamps for spacing in black or white.

Chew toys and other dog toys.

Some kitchen utensils, maybe some big spoons, muffin trays or pot lids so they can bang together and other exciting items.

DIY puppy play gym built with PVC pipe and connectors from Klever Cages


Once you have decided on the pipe and connector size and colours, push the PVC pipe into the connectors to make a cube (make sure you push these in tight, so they don’t come out accidentally. If you add a spinning stick, then this is when you will want to slide the slip tees and crosses on the pipe first.

Securely attach the plastic chains to the toys and other items, then tighten the zip ties at the other end of the chain to the PVC pipe. You may want to change these around later, and that can be done by using the reusable cable ties.

At first, you may have to lure them in. A good idea is with some dog treats, but once they figure it out, the puppy jungle gym will become their favourite toy.

Have a look at some other puppy play gyms for inspiration that have been designed and built by some of our customers

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Aug 04, 2020 Robert - Klever Cages

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