Klever Cages at the Horticultural & Gardening Festival

Klever Cages at the Horticultural & Gardening Festival

Last week the Klever Cages team made the trip to the Melbourne Horticultural and Gardening Festival 2015.

We packed all of what we needed and headed down on the plane to Melbourne, giving us hot weather when we got there. Meeting us at the airport were my parents (Jack and Shirley) who assisted us at the show and were instrumental to our success

Louise from Klever Cages at Melbourne Airport           Rob with Klever Cages stock for the show

The show was great! We got to meet an absolute legend Peter Cundall, and listen to his talk on crop rotation, with 

many people taking notes and soaking in the information he provided.

Klever Cages with Peter Cundall

 We were very impressed with the range and quality of the other stalls at the show. 

Klever Cages Stand at the Horticultural and Gardening Festival 2015

We even gave out balloons to the children at the show lol :)

Klever Cages Balloon with a child attached lol

The next show we are at is the "Better Homes and Gardens Live" at Sydney Olympic Park 13-15 November 2015 - come and say hi!

I have attached some photos of our time at the show, please enjoy... 

18th Oct 2015 Klever Cages

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