Keep your puppy entertained

Keep your puppy entertained

Bringing a puppy home is a great and exciting time - they are a little bundle of fur full of energy. There is nothing like seeing them grow and the experiences you will have together that you will remember forever. Keeping a puppy amused can be a challenge. The amount of energy they have can be fun and overwhelming at the same time so you will have to think of ways to fill their time. Ever left a bored puppy by themselves for a while? See what happens! Just YouTube bored puppies to see the mischief they can get up to. To make sure you don't have a video to put on YouTube you can take them for walks and play with them. They also need to amuse themselves at times when they tire you out or are left alone, with their own toys. One toy you can make to keep your fur-baby amused is a "Puppy Play Gym". Make this from eight 3 way connectors and 12 PVC pipes. Have a look below at the photos some of our customers have sent in.

Puppy PVC play cube  PVC puppy play gym


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15th Nov 2017

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