Not building from PVC connectors? Here's why you should!

Not building from PVC connectors? Here's why you should!

If you're not building everything from PVC connectors and pipe here's why you should!

Gone are the days where you need to go down to your local Bunnings, pick up some wood or metal, buy the tools needed to cut and attach these materials. There is a better way to build your cat enclosures, garden protection (shadehouses, greenhouses or fruit/plant cage), chicken tractors, dog agility courses and anything else that you can think of and still have all the options of traditional building methods like hinged doors.

Cat enclosure / run built with PVC connectors and pipe raised garden bed protected with fine mesh netting supported with a PVC connectors  and PVC pipe from Klever Cages Puppy play cube built with 3 way PVC connectors and pipe from Klever Cages DIY dog agility equipment built with PVC pipes, connectors and PVC jump cups DIY hydroponic setup system with an esky as a reservoir , frame built with PVC connectors and pipe from Klever Cages

Children's castle in a school classroom made with PVC connectors, pipe and shadecloth DIY newborn photography setip built with adjustable PVC connectors and PVC pipe from KLever Cages covered with shade material Submersible robot in subs in schools competition built with PVC connectors and pipe from Klever Cages

What can be built using PVC connectors and pipe?

So many of your projects around the house and garden can be built easily with PVC pipe and connectors. These include:

  • Garden protection from pests, birds and the weather - shadehouses, greenhouses, arched frame, raised garden beds, vertical garden, potted plants, square foot gardening and frost protection
  • Cat enclosure, cat run or an extension from the house 
  • Chicken coops and runs - easy to move around the yard
  • Dog agility equipment - Dog agility jumps, weave poles, dog agility hoops, winged jumps, v-jump and more
  • Antenna mounts for short wave and caravans
  • Photography equipment - backdrops, lightboxes and newborn backdrops
  • Puppy play cube - Hang their favourite puppy toys and watch hours of fun
  • Camping gear - beach cart, sink holder and camp bin
  • Portable change rooms to take to the markets
  • Stage props for a theatre production
  • School equipment- Ball racks, nine in the air, game stalls and more 
  • Cross stitching frame and quilting table
  • Holiday fun - Frame for lights on the Christmas tree, Halloween props and a Christmas tree protection from your cat
  • Dog and cat beds - You can make these to any custom size and strength you require using 20mm - 50mm PVC pipe and connectors
  • Hydroponic and aquaponics system setup
  • Water, sand, sensory tables for children
  • Quiet cubes, dark den, reading cube for the classroom or home
  • DIY wedding arbour/canopy/chuppah/arch
  • School projects - science experiments and submersible robots 
  • Swim school platforms - Easy to design and build will not rust or rot
  • Kayak electric motor mount 
  • Water play for summer - slip and slide, spray cube or a spray water tower 
  • Disabled equipment - many uses 

Visit our customer project photos page to see more awesome ideas for your next PVC project

The reasons why building with PVC connectors and pipe is so popular are:

  • Easy to build with - design and build easily using our resources - videos, blogs customer photosbuying guide and free plans
  • Durable and long-lasting - Our PVC connectors made with quality 
  • Lightweight - light enough that it is not cumbersome while being durable enough for your project 
  • No need for tools such as welders, drop saws, mitre boxes, chisels, angle grinders and metal snips 
  • Will not rust or rot over time 
  • Will not absorb odours from your chickens, garden, cats or dogs 
  • Easy to clean - Wipe down the pipes and connectors with a handy-wipe
  • Flame resistant - unlike wood it will not catch fire with sparks or open flames
  • Modular - Can be added to moved pack away and transported easily.
  • Not hot to the touch like metal - you will not burn yourself when you are touching it in the hot sun 
  • Australian owned and operated company.

Reviews from our customers

ig tree protected review PVC connectors Klever Cages DIY chicken run built with PVC connectors review from Tony for Klever Cages Klever Cages Absolutely  Fantastic as per customer - Review for Klever Cages DIY dog agility equipment review for PVC connectors from Klever Cages Cat enclosure built with PVC connectors and pipe from Klever Cages review DIY garden bed protection frame built with PVC connectors and pipe from Klever Cages - Review from TobyPVC connectors to make anything Klever Cages customer review


There are many reasons above why building your next project with PVC connectors and pipe makes sense and is the new popular way everyone is building their DIY projects around the house and garden.

Come and visit Klever Cages website to see our full range of PVC connectors, PVC pipe and netting plus our resources to inspire you for your next project.

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