Learn how to protect against snakes for you chickens & cats.

Learn how to protect against snakes for you chickens & cats.

Do you want to learn how to keep snakes out of your Cat enclosure or Chicken Coop/tractor keeping your animals safe?

Read below and learn how to keep the snakes out of your enclosure and away from your pets by using a mesh.

Can you see the snake in the photo above? He is at the end of the enclosure on the grass beautifully camouflaged.

This is the carpet python we found in our backyard manoevering through the garden. Originally came from next-door neighbours, come across the grass, past the cage to the garden and disappeared. Relatively harmless to humans. So, if he bites, he'll leave a mark, but he won't kill you. For your pets, your cats, your dogs, and also your chickens, it can mean a fatal injury, so we've got to protect against these snakes for our chickens and cats and dogs' sake. The solution is you're going to have an outdoor enclosure to put some mesh around it. Make sure the mesh is fine enough and strong enough to keep out the snakes and other wildlife.

We supply animal mesh that will do the job.

What are the benefits of Animal mesh netting to keep out snakes?

  • 20 times stronger than fibreglass mesh (screen door mesh)
  • Holes small enough to keep snakes out but not let fingers in
  • Keeps out snakes from cat enclosures and chicken tractor/coops
  • Small-sized holes so cats and other animals will find difficult climbing
  • Tough mesh and small holes so friendly to wildlife.
  • Cut to the length you require

Just wrap the netting around your cat enclosure or your chicken coop and attach it with cable ties or other attachments. The mesh is 1.22m wide and has 1.2mm square holes. You will only need to wrap the mesh around the bottom of the enclosure making sure there are no gaps.


Purchase a netting that is tough and has holes that are small enough so the snakes cannot get through such as our animal mesh.

Attach the mesh well with no gaps and keep it taught so as not to harm any wildlife.

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More information

For more information, on the mesh, follow this link. We also have a full range of other netting for any use. 

Rob & Louise 

Aug 04, 2020 Robert - Klever Cages

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