Do you need strawberry protection from birds?

Do you need strawberry protection from birds?

How do you protect strawberries and other seasonal fruit from birds and other pests?

Want to keep your strawberries for you and your family, not the local wildlife? Below are some ways to protect berries from garden pests that want to try to eat the fruits of your labour. ( mind the pun lol)

Old school gardening

Back in the day, we used to spray everything with chemicals and hope for the best that it would kill everything. We now know that this isn’t the best way to get rid of pests in our garden. As the saying goes “ We are what we eat” and ingesting chemicals can lead to long term health problems. So we don’t do this anymore.

New school gardening

Nowadays, we use scare tactics to keep birds away from our fruit trees and vegetable gardens. Things like rubber animals, silver reflective tape ( that blows in the wind and also makes a noise), Noise of predatory birds, fake owls and cats.

The best way

The most effective way you can protect your strawberries from birds, and other pests is to set up exclusion netting with a supporting frame, making sure the exclusion netting or fine mesh does not touch the plant itself. ( doing this gives hope to the birds that they can eat the fruit and they will try harder)

Buy netting to protect your garden from pests.


Before we even get to the solution to keep the pests off of your strawberries that are growing in pots, raised garden beds and rows, we need to address pollination for your strawberry plants. For this to happen, we need the help of insects and the most effective of them all is the honey bee as they can pollinate without damaging the flower. Using a netting with holes of about 1cm, so the bees can get to your strawberry plants to pollinate.

Black heavy duty knotted netting for bird exclusion with an Australian 50 cent coin for comparison

What wants to eat your strawberries?

The pests you are most likely to find eating your strawberries are snails, earwigs, aphids, mites, thrips, white curl grub, fruit fly and birds. The size of these pests range from very small to quite significant and the reason why you need a solution to combat all of the pests

The solution

The answer to this is to make yourself a frame using PVC connectors and cover it with a fine mesh netting while keeping the cloth tight with something like a Snapclamp.

See more customer photos of PVC garden protection projects.


The most effective way to protect your strawberries from birds and other pests are to use an exclusion netting covering a frame.

To see some examples of garden cages have a look at our customer photos that they have kindly sent to us for inspiration for others

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Happy gardening

-Louise and Rob 

Aug 04, 2020 Robert - Klever Cages

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