How do you garden ( what is your style)

How do you garden ( what is your style)

Last weekend the weather was great up here in Brisbane so I decided to have a  "Garden Day".

So I got out everything I needed and placed it on the lawn ready to go.  I got out my radio ( tunes to listen to ) put on my cap and sunglasses and I am ready. I also like to have one pile of cuttings so that it makes it easier when I am cleaning up and I tackle a little section at a time. My approach to gardening is quite simple , don't get burnt , listen to some tunes and take it easy ( a methodical approach ) it will all get done and there is always more to do.

Our backyard

Now its your turn.  Tell us your style of gardening 

  •  Is there a four legged little friend that likes to help you 
  • Do you have special gloves or hat that you like to wear .
  • Do you like to do it fast or just take your time 
  • Do you finish one job at a time or have a couple going at once 

Thanks :) -Rob

12th Dec 2015 Rob - Klever Cages

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