Easily grow your own food at home. DIY raised garden bed.

Easily grow your own food at home. DIY raised garden bed.

Want an easy way to build a custom DIY garden bed for your herbs and veggies without paying a fortune?

It's easy. See below how we put together a custom-sized, wicking raised garden bed.

I built my own DIY self watering raised garden bed the size perfect for me. You can do this too.

I have located covered plant stand on our deck where we can pick our herbs and strawberries for our meals with ease. I have built it where it is easy for us to access with the size we require for our herbs and picked up some self-watering pots from an Australian company at Bunnings. As this raised garden bed is portable, it is perfect for rental properties, and when you need to move take out the pots dismantle and reassemble at your new home and it will be as you have always had it. Our connectors are modular so if you need to add to it just pull art the pipes and modify the section you need. You will never have to throw any connectors out as they are reusable.

Grow your own food at home and protect it with a connector and PVC pipe enclosure

1. I started by picking a great spot for my raised garden bed with all the elements needed for growing. Enough sunlight, flat stable surface to build on and easy access from the house for convenience.

Perfect position for a raised garden bed

2. I then measured the depth and width of the pots I wanted to use to see if the structure would fit in the space I had and also to determine the size of the frame required to fit the pots.

Width and depth of self watering pots for the DIY raised garden bed

3. I then built the frame for my self watering pots taking into account the width and the depth required from the measurement of the pots and the height required so that I could pick and look after my garden comfortably. I used 25mm PVC pipes and connectors as this provided the strength needed to safely hold the pots when full of water. 

Features of a DIY PVC pipe and connector from Klever Cages  raised garden bed

4. The connectors I used for the raised garden bed were 3 ways, l-teesSnapclampscross5 ways and slip tees. I also used PVC pipe. This was all in 25mm.

Connectors and PVC pipe from Klever Cages required to build a raised garden bed

Self watering pots in a PVC pipe and connector frame protecting a garden with bird exclusion netting

5. I added a door built with elbows and PVC pipe. The door was attached to the frame using aluminum hinges. I covered the top part of the frame with netting ( I used the Victorian State compliant netting) starting at the open end of the door and secured it with Snapclamps to keep the netting tight so wildlife cannot get caught in the netting. Netting, hinges and door for the raised garden bed made of PVC pipe and connectors from Klever Cages6. I placed the self watering pots in the enclosure on the base and secured the door with 2 x bungee balls.7. Now I get to enjoy fresh herbs and strawberries with easy access that are thriving and keeping me healthy.

Healthy thriving Basil, Thyme, Strawberries and Marigold because they were protected with a frame for a raised garden bed built from connectors and PVC pipe from Klever Cages


Building your own DIY custom raised garden bed is the best way to get what you require.

I have attached the link for the 25mm connectors. We also supply PVC pipe and netting.

Build your own raised garden beds how you want them today. 

Watch our video below 

Dec 15, 2020 Robert - Klever Cages

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