DIY Sound Booth for your home studio, podcasts or voiceovers

DIY Sound Booth for your home studio, podcasts or voiceovers

Why do I need a Sound Booth for my podcast, voice-over, vocals or instrument recording?

It sounds better! That is the short answer. The biggest reason that someone will click away from your podcast, voice-over, vocals or instrument recording is that they cannot stand the sound. It may echo or have unwanted background noise. You want to "deaden" the sound and get rid of the unwanted background noises, i.e. absorb the acoustic energy, sound reflections and so on.  

The best way to do this is with a home studio sound recording booth.

This can be accomplished using PVC connectors and pipe to build the frame.

What are the benefits of building a Sound Booth from PVC?

  • Easy to build 
  • Cost-effective
  • Can be broken down and taken on the go 
  • Covers the vocalist from all sides
  • Make it a custom size just for you 

What do you need to do?

  • How big does the structure need to be?
  • What size and how many PVC pipes and connectors will I need?
  • What blanket do I get?
  • How to attach the blanket to the frame.

How big does the frame need to be?

So figure out the spot where you want to set up the booth. What equipment are you going to have in the booth? Probably a mic and maybe a chair. All the other equipment can stay outside of the booth so there isn't more surfaces for the sound to reflect off. You want it just over your head, so figure out this size and that will be your height, then measure your width and depth.

What size and how many PVC pipes and connectors will I need?

We would suggest 25mm PVC connectors and pipes. This will be able to support the size of the frame including the blankets. 

Connectors and pipe 

Now push all these together. No need for glue just push them in tight so you don't end up with it on your head.

What blanket do I get?

There are 2 options

  • Shelling out for an acoustic blanket. 
  • Go and get yourself a moving blanket or 2. 

How do I attach the blanket to the frame?

So you probably want to start by putting up the sides. Lay the blanket at the top of the pipe and press the snapclamp over the blanket and pipe until it is secure. Then place a blanket on the top for the roof (weigh down the edges for the roof blanket if needed so it doesn't sag).

Add some fairy lights so you can see, put in your mic, and you are ready for recording!

We have some examples of sound booths that our customers have made to assist with your build. 

Send in pics once you are finished and we will post them to our Facebook with your podcast link or band website. 

Enjoy your new Sound Booth and have fun creating :) 

Rob & Louise 

DIY sound recording booth using PVC connectors and pipe from Klever Cages Inside view of a diy vocal recording booth built with PVC connectors and pipe. Also great for podcast and voiceover.DIY sound recording booth at home made with a PVC frame from Klever Cages and a moving blanket

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Aug 04, 2020 Robert - Klever Cages

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