Best DIY Kayak trolling motor mount ever

Best DIY Kayak trolling motor mount ever

Want to build the ultimate DIY kayak trolling motor mount easily?

Read below to see how I made a trolling motor mount for my Hobie Tandem island from PVC connectors and pipe.

Firstly the reason why we are building with PVC pipe and connectors is that it is

  • Lightweight – So it will not add too much weight to your kayak
  • Strong – essential to hold the trolling motor
  • Will NOT rust or rot – If you want to kayak in saltwater, this is important over time
  • Will not absorb odours – It will not absorb the odours of fish like wood
  • Easy to work with – no need for welding skills or hammer and nails.
  • It can be pushed all together and fixed with PVC plumbing glue.

To give you some background, I wanted to make a motor mount for my Hobie Tandem Island to make it a little easier when I am out and the conditions are not going my way. Below is a picture of my eldest son and the top of my head on the Hobie in the river.Jordan and I sailing the hobie Island tandem

I purchased the Watersnake Venom SXW 34LB 26" shaft and built a motor mount frame from PVC connectors, and schedule 40 PVC pipes (it is thicker than the standard PVC pipe) for my Hobie Tandem Island 

Schedule 40 vs PN 12 PVC plumbing pressure pipe Klever Cages

I've used the long length that you can see the motor on is one length because there's a slip cross there and, then we've got support at the back.

DIY Hobie tandem island motor mount PVC pipe and connectors

What parts have we used to make the Kayak mount?

PVC pipe 

  • Schedule 40 32mm PVC pipe

PVC connectors ( all 32mm PVC connectors can be found on the Klever Cages website)

  • 2 x wye connectors
  • 1 x slip cross
  • 1 x PVC cap
  • 5 x elbows
  • 4 x tees
  • 1 x slip cross
  • 3 x 45 degree

Other materials Bungee cord with hooks 

  • Motor mount block
  • 4 x stainless steel boltside view of PVC motor mount for Hobie island tandem

We've also got some bungee cords. I purchased some clips, put the bungee cords, holds the mount down and then the motors clipped on, and then you've got the motor going to an Anderson plug, and the battery's up the front.

The other way you can do it is to put a regular cross, but you'll find you need the strength; otherwise, that piece will break off, so it's one length using a slip cross.

The arm down the bottom, next to the motor mount, is for support. Now there's a slip tee on that one so that we're not compromising the mount's strength. Grab the mount push it straight in and pull the bungee cords Up the top where the elbows are. I have left that unglued so I can add a solar panel at a later date.

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The best way to make a motor mount for your kayak that will last in the sea or river conditions, not rust or rot is from PVC connectors and heavy-duty PVC pipe. 

If you have any further queries on any of the above information give s a call or email us. The detail is on our website

Aug 04, 2020 Robert - Klever Cages

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