5 different options for pest and bird netting 2020

5 different options for pest and bird netting 2020

Do you work hard on your garden only for it to be destroyed by pests or harsh climate? Keep your fruit and vegetables protected and chemical free. Below are 5 different types of netting to keep your garden intact from different pests from bugs and snails up to snakes, possums, birds and turkeys. 

NettingImageUse Description

Buy Heavy duty knotted netting - Klever Cages

For general use to keep bigger pests out such as possums, turkeys and birds while still allowing pollination of your plants. This is a great bird netting.Low-vis, UV treated, pre-stretched polyethylene with 19mm x 19mm squares. Black with heat strengthened knots for extra durability.

Buy fine mesh netting - Klever Cages

Fine mesh netting for garden protection from smaller pests - insects and bugs; including cabbage moths, grasshoppers and snails.Great netting for strawberries.White transparent nylon with a fine marquisette.

Buy - stainless steel threaded knotted netting - Klever Cages

For garden protection from pests that will attempt to chew the netting. Suitable for rabbit proof fencing.8 thread polyethylene with 1 thread of stainless steel for extra strength. Low-vis, UV treated, pre-stretched polyethylene with 19mm x 19mm squares. 

Buy animal mesh - Klever Cages

Snake netting for your chicken coop or cat enclosure.  UV treated tough vinyl coated polyester woven fiber mesh with 1.2mm x 1.2mm holes. 20 times stronger than fiberglass mesh.
  • Thermal blanket

Thermal blanket mesh white

For protection from hail, hard rain, pests and the cold, including frost. Tough UV stabilised knitted fabric, permeable to allow air and light rain to pass through. Reduces intense heat and humidity. Keeps moisture in the soil and the soil warmer. Can be used year after year.

Pests that will eat your garden


As above there is netting for different climates and pests. Choose which one suits best for your situation. You may use a couple of different coverings through the year. Keep the netting taut with Snap-clamps on your PVC frame to not hurt the native animals. 

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Also while you are there have a look at our resources to assist in the design and building of you garden PVC project. These include videosfree plans and customer PVC project photos.

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