Aluminium Grip Clamp - 20mm - 8cms long

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  • 20mm Aluminium Grip Clamp from Klever Cages with an ID of 28.10mm
  • 20mm 8 cm long aluminium snap clamp from Klever Cages Australia for PVC projects
  • Grip clamps are designed to be used on top of Snap clamps  for extra strength from Klever Cages
  • Aluminium Grip clamp on a ABS Snap Clamp holding heavy duty netting tight on a PVC frame for protecting the garden  from pests
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Do you need your attachment to your PVC project to have some extra grip?

The Aluminium Grip clamp will give your Snap Clamp some extra strength


  • Material - Aluminium
  • 8 cms long
  • It fits over 20mm Snapclamp
  • Grip ridges
  • ID diameter 28.10mm


  • Easy to use clips over a Snap clamp for extra strength
  • It can be used to keep greenhouse plastic, shadecloth or any other material tight 
  • Extra strong, heavy-duty made of aluminium

Example of PVC projects Grip Clamps can be used on

  • Attaching plastic on a Greenhouse frame 
  • Cat enclosures
  • Garden frames
  • Greenhouses
  • Any project that is outside in the conditions 

Grip clamps are designed to fit on Snap Clamps for that extra hold. Great for keeping Greenhouse film and shadecloth tight on the frame. 

If using the Grip Clamp for other projects rather than on a 20mm Snap Clamp on PVC pipe, check the outside diameter and ensure the grip clamp will fit. The inside diameter of the clamp is 28.10mm.

How to order

  • Add the number of Grip Clamps you require for your project in the quantity box.
  • Check that the clamp will fit correctly on the application you are using it for 
  • Click add to cart and fill in the rest of the details. 


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