4 Way Cross PVC Connector - 20mm

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  • 20mm PVC cross connector / fitting from Klever Cages used for bracing projects, garden enclosures, puppy play gyms and more. Fits 20mm plumbing pressure pipe
  • Side view of 20mm PVC cross from Klever Cages
  • DIY puppy play gym built with 20mm PVC connectors including a 4 way cross and 3 way elbows, with white PVC pipe
  • Outside diametre of a PVC pipe from Klever Cages to fit a 4 way cross connector
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The 4 way Cross is perfect to provide a brace on any structure, and to create a beam across a frame.

Excellent quality UV stabilised 4 Way Cross PVC Connector suitable for standard 20mm or 3/4" PVC plumbing pressure pipe (not electrical conduit). 

Pipe Recommendation: the outside diameter of the pipe to be used for a 20mm connector is 26.67mm. Using 20mm PVC plumbing pressure pipe ensures that the connectors will fit perfectly.

Examples of what a 20mm PVC cross connector can be used for

  • Bracing for a garden structure
  • Tumbler/cup holder for crafts
  • Puppy play gyms
  • Cat enclosures 

 diy tumbler cup holder cradle for attaching vinyl decals for crafts to stabilise. Made from PVC connectors and pipe including cross connector, elbows and 20mm PVC pipe from Klever Cages  pwhite-pvc-puppy-play-activity-centre-gym-built-with-3ways-crosses-l-tees-and-other-pvc-connectors-from-klever-cages.jpg


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