4 PCS Suction Cup Sucker Clips for 20mm PVC pressure pipe

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  • 4 x mushroom head suction cups with a pipe clip from Klever Cages for PVC pressure pipe
  • Window suction cups with a clear sucker pad and a PVC clip to fit 20mm PVC pressure pipe from Klever cages
  • A glow in the dark and led light cube built with 3 way connectors and clear PVC pipe from Klever Cages attached to a window using glass suction cups
  • PVC pipe for use with suction cups from Klever Cages needs an outside diameter of 26.67 mm
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4 PCS Suction Cup Sucker Clips for 20mm PVC pressure pipe

Want to make a cat window seat, parrot window perch or a bird shower perch?

This is the suction cap you will need!


  • Suction pad diameter 5cms
  • Suction pad colour - Clear
  • Suction cup clip colour white
  • Material - PVC
  • Internal size of clip 2.5cms



  • Being able to clip a PVC pipe onto a window or flat surface without scratching or damaging surface
  • A large clear sucker pad will blend into the window


Examples of where to use pipe clip suction cups

  • Window mounted cat bed
  • Perch for pet birds
  • Bird shower perch
  • PVC pipe fall wall for kids
  • Water wall for children
  • DIY blackout blind


These mushroom head suction cups are perfect to attach your PVC projects to a smooth surface like a window. You can build a hammock bed which is a great space saving idea for your cat as it is not in the middle of the room. Cats love nothing more than sleeping and playing, so stick some cat toys on the window with our glass suction cups and you have the perfect kitty window. 

These smooth surface and window suction cups would be great in your next PVC project.

PVC pipes to use with this suction cup are the 20mm pressure pipe for a snag fit.

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