32mm Slip Cross PVC connector fits PVC pipe

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PVC pipe slips through cross for extra strength
  • 32mm Slip cross connector fitting fits 32mm PVC plumbing pressure pipe with an outside diametre of 42.10mm. Great for DIY jobs like greenhouses, shade houses and electric motor mounts for kayaks. From Klever Cages Australia
  • 32mm Slip cross PVC connectors fritting from Klever Cages with a stainless steel bolt through the middle on 32mm PVC pipe with an outside diametre of 42.10. Kayak electric trolling motor mount for a watersnake
  • Outside diametre of a 32mm PVC pipe is 42.10mm to fit PVC connector fittings from Klever Cages
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Are you looking for a 32mm PVC Slip cross to make your project stronger and lessen the need to cut the pipe? 

Look no further


  • Material PVC
  • Fits standard 32mm PVC plumbing pressure pipe 
  • Slip pipe through the centre of the connector
  • Opening of connector 42.10mm
  • Colour - Grey 


  • Easy to build with 
  • Rust & rot proof
  • Tough
  • No need to cut the pipe, so it does not weaken your project
  • Unique

Examples of a 32mm PVC connector in use

DIY kayak trolling motor mount built with PVC pipe and connectors from Klever Cages using a 32mm slip cross


Where to use the 32mm slip cross 

  • Greenhouses 
  • Kayaks (Our example motor mount PVC project is on a Hobie Tandem Island)
  • Boats
  • Shadehouses
  • Antenna mounts

Quality- The 32mm Slip cross connector is different from all of our other connectors as it is beige in colour. This will not affect the performance of the connector.


Recommendation: The outside diameter of the PVC pipe to be used for a 32mm connector is 42.10. (see our buying guide or blog for more information) 

Browse all of our customer PVC project photos for more solutions. 

Using 32mm PVC plumbing pressure pipe ensures that the connectors will fit perfectly.

This is the best way to build your next project. Add these to your cart today.  

Watch the video below to see how we have used the 32mm Slip cross to strengthen the kayak motor mount.

"Best DIY Kayak trolling motor mount ever."


How to order 

  • Add how many 32mm Slip crosses you require in the quantity box 
  • Check you have ordered the correct size e.g. 32mm, 40mm 
  • Are you using PVC plumbing pressure pipe that has DN32 on the pipe 
  • The pipe has an outside diameter of 42.10mm
  • Click add to cart button
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