3 Way PVC Connector - 25mm

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for corners
  • 25mm 3 way PVC connector to make anything you want. Projects include garden Protection ,  cat enclosures , dog agility jumps , cross stitching frames and many more ideas from Klever Cages
  • Side view of a 25mm 3 way PVC connector from Klever Cages for building anything you want
  • Top view of a 3 way PVC connector 25mm
  • Rear view of a 3 way PVC connector 25mm fits PVC Plumbing pressure pipe
  • 3 way PVC 25mm connector in use available from Klever cages
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These 3 way connectors are perfect for any project.

If you need to make a cube they are essential.

Excellent quality UV stabilised 3 Way Elbow to fit standard 25mm or 1" PVC plumbing pressure pipe (not electrical conduit).

1m lengths of PVC pipe can be purchased on our website or if you require longer lengths from Bunnings, Mitre 10, or Recce plumbing. 

Pipe Recommendation: the outside diameter of the pipe to be used for a 25mm connector is 33.4mm. Using 25mm PVC plumbing pressure pipe ensures that the connectors will fit perfectly.

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