3 Way elbow connector White - 20mm

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Used for corners - 8 to make a cube
  • 3 way 20mm connector  fitting from Klever Cages. The cornerstone to any project. This is the connector you need to make anything. 8 x connectors and 12 PVC pipes 20mm and you have the basis for garden protection, kids cubby house, pet enclosure, photography light cube and anything else you can think of.
  • Side view of white 3way connector fitting from Klever Cages that fits 20mm PVC pipe. Make PVC projects including cat enclosure, chicken coops, kids cubby, garden protection or anything else you can think of.
  • An example of how a 20mm 3way elbow connector fitting from Klever Cages is used on grass with a $10 note as an example for size. PVC projects that can be built with the 3 way 20mm fitting include cat enclosures, chicken tractor, kids indoor cubby house, garden protection, frost protection and more.
  • Outside measurement of the 20mm PVC pipe using calipers to measure the PVC plumbing pressure pipe required to fit 20mm Klever Cages PVC connectors. The outside measurement of the PVC pipe measures at 26.67mm
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  • UV stabilised
  • Fits standard 20mm PVC plumbing pressure pipe
  • Material - ABS
  • The weight for 8 x 3way 20mm pipe fittings is 376 grams
  • Opening measurement on the connector is 26.67mm
  • Easy to build with
  • Excellent quality
  • Rust & rot proof
  • Heavy duty
  • Unique
  • Stronger than a PVC 3 way corner fitting as ours are made with ABS
3 way 20mm connector fitting that fits PVC pipe from Klever Cages fpr building PVC projects


 Examples of what can be built  using 3 way PVC connectors

  • Cat enclosure
  • Puppy play cube or puppy gym
  • Photographic lightbox 
  • Exclusion netting frame for garden beds
  • Hydroponic setup
  • Aquarium structures
  • Bird aviary
  • Camping equipment
  • Canoe kayak accessories
  • Cat play cube
  • Cat tree
  • Water/sand play table
  • Dog agility equipment
  • Frost protection
  • Fruit tree protection
  • Fish pond cover
  • Golf hitting net
  • Greenscreen frame
  • Greenhouse
  • Kids cubby house
  • Sensory table
  • Change room 
  • Puppet theatre
  • RC model plane stand
  • Embroidery lap table
  • Parrot playgym
  • Sand/water play table
  • Sanding/spray booth
  • Shadehouse
  • Sound recording booth
  • Christmas tree protection cage
  • Chicken coop/tractor
  • Propagation bed cover
  • Antenna frame
  • Plant hanger for aquarium 
  • Christmas decorations 
  • Succulent house
  • Wet saw tent
  • Pump cover
  • Cover for model train layout 
  • Steam bath/ treatment cubicle
  • Art display
  • Privacy shade
  • Sensory table
  • Newborn photography backdrop stand 
  • Sound recording booth
Easy to build Diy cat enclosure using 3 way PVC connectors from Klever Cages  Chickens in a chicken tractor on the grass enjoying the safety of the enclosure. It is light enough so that you are able to move it around the backyard where required as it is built with PVC connectors and pipe from Klever Cages  Tomato plants growing safely protected in a cage with bird exclusion netting. Frame is PVC connectors and PVC pipe from Klever Cages using the 3 way connectors    Children's water play table with a frame built with 3 way PVC connectors and PVC pipe from Klever Cages Photography light box built with 3 way PVC connectors, snapclamps to keep the material tight and PVC pipe from Klever Cages  DIY puppy play box gym built with 3 way PVC connectors and PVC pipe  Protect your tree this Christmas ( from your cat) with a frame built from PVC connectors and pipe from Klever Cages. Use 3 way connectors, PVC pipe and netting around the cage attached with cable ties or snap clamps

Videos of projects using 3way PVC connectors

 Browse all of our customer PVC project photos for more solutions.

Recommendation: the outside diameter of the PVC pipe to be used for a 20mm connector is 26.67mm. ( see our buying guide or blog for more information)

Tip: 8 x 3way PVC connectors make a cube.

Using 20mm PVC plumbing pressure pipe ensures that the connectors will fit perfectly. 

You can purchase 1m lengths of PVC pipe on our website.

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We are now proud to announce that the 3 way 20mm PVC connector is made in Australia.

We guarantee you will love them as much as us. 

We also supply coloured , glow in the dark and clear both in 20mm 

glow in the dark 3 way 20mm connector to fit PVC pipe from Klever Cages  coloured-3-way-connectors-to-fit-pvc-pipe-from-klever-cages-in-blue-black-orange-green-red-purple-coral-green.jpg clear-connector-to-fit-plumbing-pressure-pipe-20mm-from-klever-cages-australian-made-ebay.jpg 

How to order 3 way PVC connectors

  • Add how many PVC connectors you require in the quantity box and click add to cart 
  • Check you have ordered the correct size, e.g. 20mm, 25mm 
  • Are you using PVC plumbing pressure pipe that has DN20 on the pipe 
  • The pipe has an outside diameter of 26.67mm 
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