20mm Premium PVC Pipe 1m Black - No Writing

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  • Black PVC pipe fits Klever Connectors for PVC projects
  • Black class 12 20mm PVC pipe with an outside diametre of 26.67mm 1 metre length suitable for building garden frames, cat enclosures and more
  • Black PVC pipe connected to connectors from Klever Cages making a garden frame to protect vegetables and herbs with bird exclusion netting
  • The outside measurement of 20mm class 12 black PVC pipe is 26.67mm used for PVC projects including cat enclosures, garden protection and more.

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This 20mm black PVC pipe is a furniture grade PVC pipe. 

There is no writing , and it is clean with a slight gloss. This pipe can be used where the aesthetics count.

There is no need for painting PVC pipe black as it already is!

Excellent quality Australian made UV stabilised 20mm pipe in a 1 metre length, suitable for 20mm PVC connectors

This black PVC furniture pipe is class 12. The wall thickness of the pipe is 1.62mm and the outside diameter is 26.67mm. The outside diametre is the equivalent to 3 4 inch black PVC pipe.

No need to buy a PVC pipe cutter. If you require this PVC pipe to be cut just go to our PVC pipe cutting page 

We also supply white 20mm class 12 PVC pipe and coloured connectors including black to match your pipe.


  • Length 1 metre
  • Outside diametre - 26.67mm
  • Material - PVC
  • Colour - black
  • Matches black 3 ways
  • Makes colours pop against the black pipe 
  • Strong pipe but not as hot to touch as metal
  • Same outside diametre as a 20mm plumbing pressure pipe so will fit all of our 20mm range of fittings.
red-connector-with-black-pvc-pipe-from-klever-cages.jpg cat-play-gym-built-with-pvc-pipe-and-connectors-from-klever-cages-1000.jpg rock-coral-frag-rack-built-with-eggcrate-and-black-pvc-pipe-insta.jpg


Examples of PVC projects that can be built with black PVC pipes 

  • Rabbits jumps
  • Garden protection
  • Cat enclosure
  • Greenscreen frame
  • Dog agility equipment
  • Camping equipment
  • Aquarium equipment
  • Greenhouse
  • Kids cubby house
  • Cat play cube
  • Golf hitting net
  • Newborn photography stand
  • Photography backdrop stand 
  • Photography lightbox
  • Coral Frag rack
  • Puppy pay cube
  • Water/sand play table
  • Sound recording booth
  • Cat window seat
  • Light saber
  • Cavalettis

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