20mm 1m Clear Rigid PVC Pipe - No Writing Schedule 40

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  • Clear rigid PVC pipe 20mm, 1m long fits connectors from Klever Cages Australia schedule 40
  • 1 metre long rigid clear schedule 40, 20mm PVC pipe from Klever Cages Australia used for many different PVC project ideas.
  • Outside diametre of rigid clear 20mm PVC pipe needed to fit Klever Cages clear PVC connectors is 26.67mm. The clear pipe has the same outside diametre as PVC plumbing pressure pipe schedule 40
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 Need clear strong clear pipe?

We supply clear schedule 40 PVC Pipe in 1m lengths. 


  • Schedule 40
  • Wall thickness 3.54mm
  • Delivered in clear sleeve
  • Length - 1m 
  • Outside diameter 26.67mm
  • Rigid pipe


  • Strong pipe as is schedule 40
  • Clear so you can monitor what is inside
  • Delivered in a clear sleeve to protect against scratched
  • Fits all 20mm Klever Cages connectors
  • Rust and rot proof
  • Excellent quality

Examples of what can be built with clear PVC pipe

  • Christmas decorations - insert low voltage lights in pipe to keep waterproof and create different designs 
  • Lab research - monitor what is inside the pipe 
  • Experiments for schools and universities 
  • Art projects - add coloured water for different effects or led lights.
  • Aquariums
  • Water features
  • Halloween decorations
  • Add glow in the dark stones or sticks
  • Light sabre for kids

PVC built pyramid made from clear PVC pipe and connectors from Klever Cages   Child playing under a clear pipe pyramid using the 20mm PVC clear pipe from Klever Cages. This also has bean bags on the bottom and balloons. Green glow in the dark cube built with connectors that fit PVC pipe from Klever Cages. Clear pipes inserted with LED lights and glow in the dark 3way connectors glow-in-the-dark-stones-in-a-clear-pvc-pipe-with-clear-caps-from-klever-cages-1.jpg glowing-stones-inside-a-clear-pvc-pipe-with-end-caps-from-klever-cages.jpg glow-in-the-dark-rocks-inside-a-clear-pvc-pipe-from-klever-cages.jpg

 Browse all of our customer PVC project photos for more solutions.

Recommendation: Use Klever Cages 20mm connectors with this pipe. whiteclear or glow in the dark connectors.

Tip: 8 x 3way PVC connectors and 12 pipes make a cube.

The outside diameter of this 20mm clear PVC pipe is 26.67mm

We guarantee you will love them as much as us.

How to order clear PVC pipe 20mm, 1 metre long

  • Add how many PVC clear pipes you require in the quantity box and click add to cart 
  • Are you using 20mm connectors from Klever Cages for this pipe? As they fit perfectly. 
  • The pipe has an outside diameter of 26.67mm 


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