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Afterpay now available in AU and NZ for connectors and PVC pipe from Klever Cages
PVC connectors to make anything.


  • attaching material/netting to pipe
    White 20 mm 10cms long snapclamp for securing netting or other material to your next PVC project Inside diametre of a 20mm Snap clamp from Klever Cages to attach netting, shadecloth or other material to PVC pipe for your PVC project

    Snap Clamp - 20mm 10cm long

     What is a Snap clamp? It is a clamp that will keep material on your PVC project tight, that fits over the pipe and material and snaps on. Available from Klever Cages in 20mm - 50mm to fit PVC...
Klever Cages customer photos of PVC projects they have designed and built with PVC connectors and pipe. This includes garden protection, chicken tractor, cat enclosures, dog agility and more.
PVC connectors from Klever Cages including 3way, snap clamp, jump cup, green, clear and glow in the dark connectors
Watch our videos below to see how easy it is to design & build with connectors and PVC pipes.
Outside diameter of PVC plumbing pressure pipe 25mm Klever Cages
5 star customer review of a l-tee Klever Connector from Klever Cages Easy to select and quick delivery time. We used the 4 way tee in the middle layer of our lego tabl. its edeal, strong enough to hold a light board and simple enough that my four year old is building it
Free PVC plan download Klever Cages
Buy bulk PVC connectors 3ways and l-tees from  Klever Cages Australia