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October 2015

Klever Cages exhibits at the Melbourne Horticultural and Gardening Festival 2015

October 20, 2015 – Klever Cages, the PVC Connector specialists, recently exhibited at the Melbourne Horticultural and Gardening Festival 2015 from October 9 -11, 2015.

Klever Cages offers frame solutions for the home or garden. Made from PVC, the versatile connectors or complete kits provide an easy, affordable answer to any problem including garden protection, chicken coops and pet enclosures.

The PVC connectors are available in sizes ranging from 15mm to 50mm. Netting, pipes and a range of accessories are also available to complete the cages.

Robert Kuppens, founder, Klever Cages, said, “Since its inception in 2014 the interest in Klever Cages has grown, particularly through exhibiting at shows like the Melbourne Horticultural and Gardening Festival 2015 and the Queensland Garden Expo in Nambour in July this year.

“Klever Cages was primarily started from a need to protect our plants and vegetables from the pesky possum at home. When searching for a solution we found that simple, cost-effective cage solutions weren’t available in Australia.

“We quickly realised that the PVC connectors and other parts could be used for a variety of home and garden needs and Klever Cages began. Klever Cages has also recently extended its offering to include ready-made kits, which provide all the parts and instructions on how to build a Klever Cage for a particular use.”

Features and benefits of Klever Cage solutions include:
• lightweight - easy to pick up and move around
• strong - PVC is flexible and strong
• easy to build - just push in the pieces, without the need for glue
• easy to store - pack it away when no longer required
• adaptable - can change the size or configuration when required
• attractive - looks good in any yard
• affordable - low cost solution for the protection of your garden from pests.

Klever Cages will also be at the Better Homes and Gardens Live show at Sydney Olympic Park from November 13-15.

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About Klever Cages
Klever Cages was created from a need to protect our plants and vegetables from the pesky possum that resides in our roof and comes out at night to ravage our garden.

Rob thought it would be easy to find a simple, cost-effective cage on the Internet that he could order and construct himself. That proved difficult, and the idea for Klever Cages was born.

When we spoke to people they all had different ideas about what could be done with the products. It broadened from a vegetable cage to anything at all, from a cubby house or soccer goal for the kids, a clothes or towel rack for the laundry, a cage for the bird or cat, a chicken coop, or even camping gear for the whole family. The ideas are endless.

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