Cat/Pet Cube Kit (hammock is an optional extra)

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Perfect for any area, this Pet Cube is lightweight, strong, adaptable to accommodate any type of pet. Pets include Cats, Guinea Pigs and Rabbits.

The Pet Cube works well where space is a premium, and pet protection is needed.

This 20mm PVC kit includes the connectors, pipes and black netting to make a pet cube.

As the main material used is PVC it will not heat up in the sun like metal or darker colour enclosures and burn your fur-babies paws.

The hammock is an optional extra - if you want to purchase one, click here  (as they come in different colours), and any pet toys you like. 

The Pet Cube is built by pushing the pipe into the connectors and can be pulled apart at any time and extended with more pipe and connectors if needed.

The dimensions are 1.2m long x 1.1m wide x 1.1m high.

The kit includes:

8 x 3 way elbows

2 x tees

2 x slip tees

2 x hinges

4 x L-tees

4 x elbows

20 x snap clamps

1 x snap cross

5m of netting - black 

16 x PVC pipes - unmarked pipe, cut to measure



See the PVC plan page on this website for the instructions on how to put it together. They will also be included in the kit when you puchase it.


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