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Nature Shots - Klever Cages

I thought I would share some "nature" shots that our youngest took with his mobile. The first photo represents what our area looks like at the moment a great time of year when all the jacarandas are flowering. Enjoy the photos

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Klever Cages at the Horticultural and Gardening Festival 2015

Last week the Klever Cages team made the trip to the Melbourne Horticultural and Gardening Festival 2015.We packed all of what we needed and headed down on the plane to Melbourne, giving us hot weather when we got there. Meeting us at the airport were my parents (Jack and Shirley) who assisted us at the [...]

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Queensland Garden Expo 2015

The Klever Cages team attended the Queensland Garden Expo in Nambour on the 10th - 12th of July. It was our second show, the first one being Gardenfest in Toowoomba. This time we made sure we had everything planned down to very detail before we attended. We did this by setting up the stall in [...]

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