About Us

Klever Cages was created from a need to protect our plants and vegetables from the pesky possum that resides in our roof and comes out at night to ravage our garden. 

Rob thought it would be easy to find a simple, cost-effective cage on the Internet that he could order and construct himself. That proved difficult, and the idea for Klever Cages was born. 

When we spoke to people they all had different ideas about what could be done with the products. It broadened from a vegetable cage to anything at all, from a cubby house or soccer goal for the kids, a clothes or towel rack for the laundry, a cage for the bird or cat, a chicken coop, or even camping gear for the whole family. The ideas are endless. 

We hope you find something that can solve your problem with the products on our website. Feel free to send us pictures of your own creation so we can post them on our ‘Cage Page’. 

Happy creating. 


Rob and Louise